Even though my “baby center weekly update” informed me this morning (as it has every other recent Monday) that I am now officially 14 weeks pregnant, additionally –  my belly seems to be expanding nearly daily, and I still have a certain everlasting nauseaus feeling … I still sometimes can hardly believe that I am pregnant.  Even with my monthly doctor appointments (which, by the way, are quite the highlight of my days), it is those weeks in between that make me question whether I could really be that lucky to be expecting a little bundle of joy.
So when, on this past Saturday morning, I felt what I truly am convinced was Baby Brickner moving about … I pretty much could have jumped on my rooftop to share my enthusiasm with the neighborhood.  My sister-in-law had told me a couple of weeks ago that a “butterfly-type” motion was the first hint she had of her future kin, but I had no idea I would have that same feeling in my own tummy so soon.  I thought I had perhaps felt those butterflies at about the same time last Saturday AM, but it was this time that I just knew.
Apparently, our baby bean is a morning person already … just like mom. 🙂

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