Trip to Wintergreen

We kicked off 2021 last weekend with a cousin trip to Wintergreen, this was one of my girls surprises on Christmas morning + they were soooo excited to get a weekend with their cousins and to see snow for the first time in forever.  Snow is hit or miss in VB and it has been three years since we have had a big snowfall (the last time was when Remie Rue was in my belly), so we were extra happy for her to get to see snow for the first time!

The big girls were able to go tubing + Avalon got to finally do the snow angel she had been waiting months for, this was a big dream of hers since we read about book about Peppa Pig making one – the sweetest!  Scroll to the third picture to see what Remie Rue thought of the snow 😉 nooot a fan at all day one, but luckily she came around on day two.

And now that we have seen snow, are over winter + counting down to SPRING.  Wishing you a happy weekend!  XO

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