What to Expect While You’re Expecting

Truthfully, I would have gone to see this movie whether or not I was one week shy of being 8 months pregnant.  In fact, I would have even considered it to be “theatre-worthy,” rather than just as a renter.  But just as the movie “Bridesmaids” was released last year during my wild bachelorette weekend, “What to Expect While You Were Expecting” debuted with perfect timing in my own life and thus –  Mr. BB & I spent our rainy Sunday afternoon peering into a glimpse of our own current reality.
Prior to being with-child, it really is hard to imagine what it is like.  And not that I know from firsthand experience, but most moms recount that no two pregnancies are very much alike.  But nevertheless, for a girl who has recently encountered symptoms that she had previously not even thought about … it is comforting to see that other women are going through/have fairly similar stories.  (Such as – the feeling of ALWAYS being hot, so hot that you really would be ok walking around naked, belly & all … waves and waves of new hormones that cause your emotions to be up & down with no predictions in between … and the sad reality of peeing on yourself because it is just something that you can no longer control).
So yes, I enjoyed the movie.  And if only I could look like Cameron Diaz for the remaining 2 months of this pregnancy … I would be even more content. 

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