What Makes Me Smile

I am so excited to team up with The Smile Generation today, to share what makes me smile, my giiiiirls!  This post is so fun + easy for me to write, raising tiny humans is no easy task but there is not a day that goes by without laughter.  One of my biggest goals in motherhood to to focus on the (many) things my girls do that make me happy + joyful, rather than the hard moments.  It really makes SUCH A difference, perspective is everything!  If you don’t keep a running list of things your kids say or do that make me smile, I so recommend this.  Here are eight current things on mine, things my girls do that make me smile! 🙂

1 –  Avalon Elle in the driveway when I get home from work each day.  She rarely misses a day, the first thing I see when I drive up is her running through the door to greet me + it makes being a working mama so much easier!

2 – Waverly Maye’s love for football.  I grew up loving Alabama football, per my dad, and am pretty much obsessed with all things SEC in the fall.  Waverly might just love it even more than me, she recently has started practicing throwing the ball outside each afternoon + her favorite activity during PE is football, when she is quarterback.

3 – Holding hands with Remerie Rue, which is really her holding my finger while we walk, which is EVERYTHING.  Is there anything sweeter?  She is so quick to run away these days but will always still hold on each time I try and it’s a definite favorite.

4 – All three girls playing nicely together.  THE END.  There is nothing better in the world, absolutely nothing!

5 – Waverly’s squinty eyes when she is talking about something she is really into.  This is usually when she is explaining some sort of plan she has come up with or an outfit she really wants to wear, she has done this forever + it always makes me smile.

6 – Avalon’s accent.  It’s this northern kind of accent + I have no idea where it came from, but she is going on five this June and it is still here, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am constantly trying to record it as much as possible, I already know how much I will desperately miss it one day.

7 – Remie Rue’s dance moves.  All three girls love to dance but Remerie just really, really loves it and already has the best dance moves at just 16 months old.  Pretty much any bad mood of hers can be fixed by music, I hope it always stays this way!

8 – Not really something any of them do, but one of my favorite parts of the day, during the week, is walking to pick up Waverly from school with the two little girls.  Are they really all mine?  These days in the trenches of young motherhood are so hard but also make me smile so very much, what an honor it is to be their mama.

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