Week 37 = A Full-Term Baby

Even though the dates on my blog make it clear that I just updated on Week 36 yesterday, I had fallen behind (as a result of all that was Week 36) and therefore am already well into my 37th week of pregnancy.  Before I was pregnant, during my first trimester, and even well into my second … I didn’t think I would be that anxious for delivery at this point.  OF COURSE I knew that I would be more than ready to meet my little girl, but assumed that any of my natural fears of pregnancy and last-minute tasks that needed to be completed would help ease my immediate need for labor to begin. 
Apparently, if the last few days are any indication, I was wrong.  Ever since we made it through the final hurdle of my last shower, maternity photos, and first anniversary trip … I have felt more than ready.  And my appointment/last ultrasound this past Thursday only sealed the deal.
Thanks to my What to Expect While Expecting Book and other maternity reading gifted to me by my mother over Christmas, I knew that Week 37 marked a great milestone – that a baby born at this point would be considered full-term.  So once the ultrasound technician confirmed what I already knew, and shared that, by her calculations, she is already 6.6 lbs. – I knew I was officially ready for her to be here.  That, and the mini sneak peek at her precious face, with chubby cheeks, a button nose, and full lips.  Not that my “readiness” changes anything …
So the waiting begins.  Every twinge, cramp, and abnormal feeling I currently experience causes me to think I am in labor.  And the thought that my big belly seems to be DROPPING,  brought on by both my mother and mother-in-law, is certainly a good one.

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