Week 35

It has been TOO long since I have updated … I fully admit, but with the official END OF SCHOOL finally arriving last Friday, life has been busy. Each and every end of the school year is obviously welcomed (to say the least) and fully celebrated, but this year is definitely extra special. With my substitute plans completely done (and labeled, color-coded, and divided by day) …

It meant that my walk out the doors of Ocean Lakes High School on Friday was my last for quite a while; specifically, until at least October.   And that is a good feeling, indeed. 
Other happy feelings during Week 35?  Definitely at the forefront:  the fact that my daughter could be here in 5 weeks.  And that feels unbelievable & wonderful all at the same time.  My favorite times of the day are when I feel her kicking, moving, and turning in my tummy.  And my bump, while certainly big and getting bigger by the day … has become an integral part of my style that I have certainly embraced.  
Of course, as any pregnant women would concur, with the highs come the not-so-pleasant side effects of pregnancy.  For me lately, these include heartburn, restless leg syndrome, and a pain in my feet that seems to arrive daily.  But if that’s the worst it gets, I can certainly handle it … and more importantly, whatever else comes my way because IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT when we see Little Miss B. very soon. 🙂

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