Waverly’s Wish List

Waverly’s Outfit #10 incorporates one of our favorite fabrics to put her in, leopard!  I’ve always 
loved leopard for myself, but seeing her little self in it, whether it’s a hat, shirt, leggings, shoes (I’m pretty sure she has all of the mentioned, and more!) … Just makes me happy.
Waverly’s hat is from Old Navy, Shorts are from Baby Gap, and shoes from Zulily. 
My scarf is from Express.

It’s probably quite obvious that Waverly Maye is not in need of any new clothes from Santa this year.  So while I’m quite sure that the big guy will have at least a few fashionable goodies for our good little girl, we are going to try and focus on some other areas.  Here is Waverly’s wish list:

1 – Jellystone Smartphone Teether; Waverly is beyond obsessed with my IPhone (um … I’m nervous for my future!), and loves to try to eat it (and anything else), so this can’t seem more pefect.
2 – Fisher Price Building Blocks; Waverly is getting more into toys by the day, so the more toys, the better!  On a side note; My major OCD tendencies have had to slowly adjust to get to this point.  I have put Waverly’s happiness over my obsession with a clean house. 🙂
3 – Vulli Chan Rubber Teether; As previously posted, Waverly’s favorite toy is her Sophie the Giraffe.  Since Chan is made by the same company, I figure we can’t go wrong.
4 – Baby Gap Polka Dot Bikini – OK, so I know that Waverly’s can’t play with a bikini … but I just can’t help myself.  This recently was on Baby Gap’s website of New Arrivals, and the thought of her in this is just TOO much.
5 – Baby Gap Swim Cap – OMG – it gets better?  I thought I was excited over the bikini, and once I 
saw the swim cap, I literally died.  I realize Waverly Maye is not a sychronized swimmer, but a baby in a swim cap?  Come on.
6 – Lamaze Discovery Soft Book – I have started reading to Waverly each night before her bath, and she is always touching the pages.  We have a ton of books, but only one soft one and it is by far her favorite.  
It’s all I can do to contain my excitement to see her on Christmas morning, even though she won’t understand this year and will most likely be the most entertained by the print on the wrapping paper.  But it’s all in the memories, and I’m all about making (and documenting!) them. 🙂


  1. December 11, 2012 / 12:54 am

    I just ordered the Jellystone iPhone teether for Cohen, I just think it is too cute! Love love love little miss waverly's outfit!


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