Waverly’s Week One

It has been exactly one week since we brought Waverly Maye home from the hospital, and a week & two days since she was made her official debut into the world.
And to say the least, life has certainly changed.  Over the duration of my pregnancy, as you would expect, I definitely had expectations of what life with our baby girl would be like.  As any other expecting couple, we got advice on a daily basis.  We were told to “get our sleep while we could,” to enjoy the last few months as “two before three,” and of course, that our bundle of joy would bring a new meaning to our lives.  I appreciate the advice from those who have experienced what we are just beginning to, but the magnitude of the miracle we are so fortunate to welcome definitely cannot be explained.  I find myself (and my husband), staring at Waverly several times a day in disbelief that she is ours … and wondering how we got so lucky.
Of course, the beginning of our journey has had its ups & downs.  The first night home was practically sleepless, as neither of us could put her in her bassinet (which is right next to our bed), without worrying.  So, we took turns holding her throughout the night to ensure that she was safe for the duration.  After watching a DVD entitled “The Happiest Baby on the Block” the next day, we were definitely more prepared for night two and she slept in three hour increments back & forth between the swing and bassinet.  Six days later, Waverly and her mom & dad are slowly settling into a schedule, and the sound of her cry (which can definitely be deafening), is no longer a serious cause of panic for us both.  She is becoming more alert, even giving us smiles at times, and diaper & outfit changes/bath times have all become more manageable as we all get used to what is the new normal. 
Even though she has only been here a little over a week, I don’t remember what life was like without her.  One look into her big blue eyes can seriously make you forget about anything else, and how I really would do ANYTHING for her.  Now, I just can’t wait for week two, three, four, …  

On the way home for the first time!

First family photo with our house decorations.

Daddy & Waverly taking a nap.

Waverly’s First Bath.

Getting more alert everyday!



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