Waverly’s Half-Birthday

Disclaimer:  I realize that a Half-Birthday party is ridiculous, over the top, and completely unnecassary.  But I must also say that in my defense, a celebration really isn’t ever a bad thing.  Festive decorations, a matching outfit, and a get-together with loved ones? 
Sounds good to me.  I will take advantage every time.

I admit it,  I initially heard of the idea for a half-birthday party on Pinterest (where most of my ideas are born.)  It seemed like the perfect chance to get our families together while marking a milestone for our baby girl.  Of course, I had to promise my husband that I wouldn’t go over the top.
In other words, I had to resist my temptation for invitations complete with Waverly’s 6-month chalkboard photo.  It was hard, but I did it.  I had to settle for a (half) birthday cake with a cake-bunting on top.  And 3 (teal-colored) balloons.
Waverly Maye’s Half-Birthday ensemble.  The entire outfit is GIGGLEMOON

Had to include one close-up.  That face.
Waverly’s HALF-birthday cake.
(We literally cut it in half.)
To make the cake bunting ….
I cut the triangles out of scrapbook paper from Micheals, folded them over, then hot-glued them to the string and attached them to the dowels (also from Micheals.)  The letters were cut on my Cricut machine, and later hot-glued to the paper.
This child certainly doesn’t lack for attention.  I feel fortunate to have family that doesn’t think I’m completely nuts to want to celebrate such an occasion.  And who actually take part in the madness.  🙂
YES … we did sing Happy Birthday to our 6-month old.  I considered it practice for the real thing come this July.

With my girl.  It’s true.  I dressed in the theme colors of the evening.  Just couldn’t resist.

Happy Half-Birthday, Waverly Maye.



  1. February 12, 2013 / 3:50 am

    Love it !!!! Happy Half Birthday pretty girl!!

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