Waverly Maye’s Two Month Report


Age:  Two Months

Height:  22 inches – in the 50th percentile for height.

Weight:  10 lbs. & 8 ounces – also in the 50th percentile for weight.  Her weight leveled off this month after gaining so much last month from me feeding her so often!  Apparently, I was overfeeding her!  She still has those chubby cheeks that we adore so much!  

Milestones:  Waverly has developed quite the little personality in the last month alone.  She is so sweet and smiley – and we can tell that she really recognizes our voices & faces now (what a good feeling!).  And just as fast as she shares those smiles, she shows when she is unhappy, too!  She definitely knows what she likes. Waverly has also found her hands this month, is able to hang on to her pacifier longer, and coos all the time!  She gets stronger everyday.

Sleep:  Waverly is a great nighttime sleeper. Her stretches at night are getting longer and longer, and she has slept up to nine hours in a row ( we jumped out of bed to make sure she was ok!).  She still sleeps in our room, but has moved to the swing – although we are trying to break that habit. During the day, Waverly will usually only nap either in the car seat (weird?!) or while being held (we have been using the carrier).  Sometimes it can be hard, but worth it since she does so good at night and we have decided to cherish every minute that we get to hold her.

Eating:  Waverly still loves to eat!  She eats about every three hours and definitely enjoys it.  We have settled into a good rouine with breastfeeding and both mommy & baby have gotten the hang of it.  We added in a bottle every once in a while with my milk and she has no problems taking it … If anything, she wants more! 🙂

Favorite Moments:  Every time Waverly smiles, we smile.  She is a super happy baby first thing in the morning and after she eats. I could just stare at her beautiful face all day long … And am fascinated by the new faces she makes all the time. Bath time and baby massages are also special times during our day. 

Worst Moments:  We went through a few nights where Waverly was crying during breastfeeding, and I thought she was hungry and wasn’t getting the milk out right. Turns out (after multiple calls with breastfeeding hotlines & a trip to the doctor), I was overfeeding her!  Haha!  As soon as we found that out, it has been much easier. 🙂

Extra Comments:  Everyday with our baby girl gets better.  She is getting more used to us as we are with her – and as she is more aware, it only gets more fun. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love her more each day. I truly miss her when she sleeps!!!!

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