Waverly Maye’s Three Month Report

Age:  Three Months

Height:  Since Waverly doesn’t have a doctor’s appt. until next month, she hasn’t had her height checked since two months.  So … I don’t know her exact height. But if she is going at the same rate, she is about 23 inches.

Weight:  Waverly was weighed last week, and she was 11 pounds & 3 ounces.

Milestones:  Waverly is becoming more vocal each and every day.  She has a high-pitched squeal that she uses at least daily, especially when she is extra excited.  She will make direct eye contact and coo over and over all of the time, especially when she is being changed.  She is so strong and can hold her head up perfectly, although she doesn’t like tummy time so she hasn’t rolled over yet.  She has been kicking her legs (and staring at them)and wiggling like crazy, and in the past week has started to try to lift her head to get out of her swing!  We better watch out! 

Sleep:  Waverly is pretty much only getting up once a night now.  She has fallen into a routine of going to sleep by 8, and waking up between 2 and 3 for about thirty minutes to eat.  We still are putting her in the swing to sleep since it is her favorite … although we have every intention of moving her to the crib at some point soon.  (Mommy’s not too excited about that!)

Eating:  Breasfeeding has been smooth and really enjoyable for a while now .. so smooth that the problem turned into one with the bottle!  Since mommy went back to work this month, Waverly had to get used to a bottle for several times a day.  Although it was definitely rough the first few times we tried, she is finally getting used to it and isn’t putting up as much of a fight!

Favorite moments:  Waverly smiles all day long, and each times she does, it completely warms my heart.  I love when she first wakes up (because I miss her when she sleeps), when we have our little talks, and definitely when we breastfeed.  Specifically, I love our final, long feeding every night at about 7 pm.  And since I have gone back to work this month, I love coming home to that sweet, sweet face.

Worst Moments:  Waverly got sick for the first time this month.   Our poor baby was stuffed up, sneezing, coughing … And she definitely got it from me as I had it the week before.  We had to use the aspirator to clear her nose and she hated it!  We felt so bad! 

Extra Comments:  Waverly Maye is so alert now, and although I don’t want her to grow up so quickly … I love how fun she gets each day.  She is able to interact more, to make better eye contact, and it couldn’t make me happier.  To watch her develop and grow is the most rewarding thing in the world.

Favorite Moments

Worst Moments

Extra Comments

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