Waverly Maye’s One Month Report

Age:  One Month

Height:  20 Inches (Apparently either she shrunk since birth, or more likely, she was such a wiggle worm when they measured her they were off by an inch because at her two week appt., she was down to 19 inches!)

Weight:  8 pounds & 2 ounces

Milestones:  Waverly is becoming more alert by the day!  She can now look straight into your eyes (I love it!) and look at the toys above her swing.  She even smiles multiple times a day now, especially after she eats and is being held!  I know I am biased, but she can hold her head up amazingly well for a newborn. 🙂

Sleep:  We have adjusted into a solid routine at night and I am so proud of how far she has come.  She goes to bed in her bassinet by 8:30 each night and can normally sleep in about 4 hour stretches (which is a long time from where we started at!).  When she wakes up, she doesn’t even cry and just makes her famous little grunting noises from her bassinet.  Either Daddy or I will pick her up, change her diaper, and then I will feed her in the pink recliner in her nursery.   After feeding & burping her, I bring her back to Dad to swaddle her and put her back down to sleep with the sleep sheep playing in the bassinet.

Eating:  Waverly is such a good eater and LOVES to eat as many times as she can.  She has signature moves when hungry that we have already come to know well – shaking her head back & forth and pushing her little head to your chest.  She had no problem learning to breastfeed and is already a pro!  Her favorite time to eat (lots) is at night right before she goes to bed.  Even though breastfeeding is definitely time-consuming and an adjustment, I love that time that we share together.

Favorite Moments:  There have already too many to list.  Waverly has been LOTS of places for being a newborn.  We try to get out of the house at least once a day and although she still doesn’t like her car seat, as soon as we start driving she generally quiets down and enjoys our trips out (especially to the mall!).  I love to see her beautiful blue eyes wide awake in the morning and at night right before I feed her.  Without a doubt, her favorite time of the day is bath time and I can’t get enough of watching her Daddy bathe her and how happy she is.

Worst Moments:  The worst moment would definitely be Mommy’s fault and has nothing to do with anything cause by Miss Waverly.  As previously blogged, I (stupidly) locked my baby girl in the car.  Thankfully, we were able to get her out within minutes and cuddled our baby girl all afternoon.

Extra Comments:   Waverly’s debut has certainly changed our world completely, and we wouldn’t change it for anything.  It is harder than I expected it would be, but also definitely the best thing I have ever done.  I can’t stop looking at her and how perfect she is, and am so appreciative of her coming into our lives.  I truly can’t imagine life without her.

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