Waverly Maye’s Five Month Report


Age:  Five Months

Height:  23 1/2 inches

Weight:  14 lbs.

Milestones:  Waverly Maye is continuing to grow & progress each day – sometimes I feel like I come home from work and she has matured since I left that morning.  Although she still hasn’t rolled over, she is beginning to tolerate tummy time a little more and can lay on her stomache for a full five minutes (that is big for us!).  We know she is (physically) strong enough to do it, but is so (mentally) strong-willed that she is going to do it on her own time.   She is almost sitting up completely on her own, she is able to put almost her entire body weight on her legs when holding her up, and she bounces up & down all on her own.  We are starting to think that she will crawl & walk before rolling over!  She also officially found her toes, fingers, and become way more adaptable to the stroller.

Sleep:  (Or lack of sleep at the moment … ).  I seriously can’t complain, because Waverly has always been such a good sleeper, and I know we could definitely have it way harder than we do.  We finally moved Waverly into her own room, out of the swing & into the Rock’n’Play.  She adjusted, although this new move certainly caused a few more wake-ups during the night.  And now, in an effort to confront the inevitable, we have officially put her in her crib for three nights in a row.  It definitely has not been the smoothest transition, but we are working our way there.  And honestly, I was expecting it to be way harder than it has been.  The move has been harder on me than Waverly (I miss that sweet face sleeping next to me, but at least she is just a room away).

Eating:  It has been a month of transition for Waverly’s eating situation, too.  At her four month appointment, we were given the go-ahead for rice cereal.  I was super excited, immediately went out and bought bright-colored bowls & matching spoons – and got the video camera, regular camera, and Iphone cameras ready.  Needless to say, she wasn’t into it.  At all.  We have since tried oatmeal & a different spoon, bib, & chair … yet she would still just rather drink mommy’s milk.  We are going to keep attempting, but not going to push it until 6 months.  My baby girl definitely knows what she wants. 

Favorite Moments:  It may sound like this has been a rough month, but even with all of the changes, Waverly has been happier than ever.  She is overall such a smiley baby girl, and anywhere we go (which is a lot of places!), people comment on how content & adorable she is.  So each moment with her is the best, and even when I don’t think I could enjoy her more, I do.  Favorite times of the day are still the mornings, bath time, when I get home from work, & (a new favorite past-time), our walks in the jogging stroller.  And obviously, celebrating her first Christmas was AMAZING … combining my favorite holiday with my favorite person in the world … you don’t get any better than that.

Worst Moments:  It’s hard to say any moment with her is any kind of worst, yet the hardest moments have definitely been at night.  Other than missing her being in the same room with me, I hate it that she is having a hard time sleeping and would rather just snuggle her into bed in my arms or let her breastfeed all night long.  But as my own  mom keeps telling me, don’t take the easy way out, and this is what is best for her in the long run. 

Extra Comments:  I have looked forward to being a mom my whole life, but I never thought it would actually be this amazing.  Watching her grow & experience life moments (such as Christmas!) gives my own life an entire new meaning.  And as cliche as it sounds, even though she is just five months old, I can’t even begin to imagine what life before her was like.  I would do absolutely anything for that sweet, beautiful little girl. 

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