Valentine’s Day Surprise

Last year, with every holiday came the “This will be the last Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, esc. before we are married.”  And this year, it’s the first Christmas, Birthday, Halloween that we are married.  And now, it’s also known as the last time we will celebrate whatever day before the baby.
So last week, we officially commemorated our last Valentine’s Day before Baby Brickner will be a part of it with us.  And even though (as a result of precious Baby Brickner), I wasn’t feeling my best, it was truly one of the best, and most memorable Valentine’s Day celebrations I have had.  
It’s my husband, Mr. BB … who is the one to thank (for this and many, many other reasons lately).
I am undoubtably a fashion-obsessed young lady, and most holidays my dream gift would be a new piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes, or perhaps even a gift card.  But the one gift I hadn’t thought of last week – proved to be so much better.  Mr. BB had spent the day (while I was at work) cleaning out our former office and new baby’s room.  So now, we have a clean and organized room ready to be filled with baby supplies and lovable items.  And I can’t wait. 🙂  

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