Valentines Books for Kids

You know we are always looking towards the next holiday around here, Valentines Day is just under a month away and we have already pulled out all the pink, red + heart-shaped things!  I always get excited to help the girls make Valentines for their little friends, to bake cookies + make our favorite chocolate-covered pretzels, and to host a fun little Valentines playdate at our house (which we skipped last year due to the first trimester and moving, but are excited to bring back!).  I feel like some holidays we are still trying to find our groove and pick traditions that work with little ones, but this is one that we have figured out and LOVE!

Of course with each holiday we always like to get new books, so I wanted to share some of the books currently on our shelf!  These are adorable and I would recommend them all, with the disclaimer that Avalon refuses to read any of them because she will only read the same dang book EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  So hopefully someone will get use out of them, even if it’s not us. 😉

Happy shopping + happy halfway through the week!! XO

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