Two Years of Remerie Rue

Our Remie Rue is TWO!!!!!  Two whole years.  I still remember the day she was born so well, I was 11 days overdue & just a couple weeks into the school year with my big girls.  I headed to the hospital on a Sunday morning after not feeling her move for way longer than I was used to, and they officially evicted her with my third induction and easiest labor by far.  Her pregnancy and labor were so surreal, we are two years in and goodness SHE IS TOO.  My third baby girl after a surprise positive pregnancy test on Christmas morning, now with her bright blue eyes & olive skin — I will pinch myself forever over her.

Some of the things I want to remember about a two year old Remie girl.  Her personality is a mix of my two older girls, laid-back in some ways but also not at all in others, she knows exactly what she wants and is going to get it but at the same time is sweet as sugar and can turn around being upset in no time.  She is equal parts a mama & daddy’s girl, and LOVES her big sisters to the core, always wanting to be right next to them and doing exactly what they are doing.  This has been challenging in some ways because it has made her grow up so fast — but both Waverly & Avalon adore her and the three of them have the sweetest bond that has grown so much the past few months as she has gotten closer to two.  I have said it forever, watching my girls together is one of my favorite parts of being a mama and I love that Remie has two little girls who love her so very much!

Remerie loves being outside, music, dogs, and Peppa Pig.  She would snack all day if we let her and is 110% my best & most reliable sleeper.  She will wave to anyone walking by, has the cutest little run in all the land, and still sucks on the same two fingers on one hand and plays with her hair in the other, especially when she is tired.  She is a little slice of heaven and we are SO THANKFUL SHE IS OURS!!!!!

Of course, some favorite photos of her from the past year.

Tonight we will celebrate with just the five of us, a trip to the bay to let Remie run and dig, one of her favorite things to do!!  This weekend we are having a small brunch with family (puppy themed, since she loves dogs!) — and I just cannot wait to celebrate our tiniest little surprise girl.  I love her so.  Happiest birthday my Remerie, may all your wishes come true!!!!!

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