Two Month Check-Up

Yes, it’s true.  Our sweet & spunky Waverly Maye turned two months old today.  It is hard to believe that two months ago, on a Thursday just like this one, I was in my second day of labor, impatiently waiting to meet my baby girl (I shared the story with her this morning.)  We are already more in love with her than we were on that day, and everyday she is reaching new milestones and getting more of a personality.  We are so lucky to have such a perfect, beautiful, & fun baby. 
As I have learned in my days since becoming a mom, the pediatrician’s office is a place we visit often during the first months of life.  So lucky for us, we love ours and don’t mind visiting her at all.  EXCEPT when – the appointment involves three shots – one in each leg and another orally.  🙁 
I knew that this appointment was coming, but apparently tried to put it out of my head and hope that we could opt out of this one.  Apparently that wasn’t the case, so after an excellent report on Waverly’s progress since we visited last, I had to lay my baby girl on the table for her to be stuck.
The good news is that (A) I was strong enough to stand there with her, especially since at her last shot I had to leave the room, (B) She took it better than expected, way better than I did, and only cried for a total of five minutes, and (C) They are over and we don’t have to experience it again until our next appointment at four months. 

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