Total Rookie Move

Since my sister-in-law caught the flu epidemic that is going around right now, I glady took a half-day yesterday to hang with my baby girl.  I obviously enjoyed every minute, and really could get used to this whole stay-at-home mom thing (not the first time I have thought that!).  Waverly & I had a coffee date at Panera, ran some errands, ate some sweet potatoes while laughing/dancing, and finished the day off playing at our kids gym.  I’m not sure I can think of a better way to spend a Tuesday.
It was our time at Panera that caused my epiphany and reason for this post.  Waverly definitely needed to be changed, but I remembered how frustrated I had been months earlier.  My baby girl wasn’t much older than two weeks and I had brought her to meet two of my girlfriends for lunch at Panera.  Lunch went well, until I realized that my newborn needed a new diaper and there was no where to change her. 
Those days are a little hazy, but I am pretty sure I complained to both my friends and proceeded to call my husband & mom to complain, too.  Really, a family-friendly place like Panera doesn’t even have somewhere to change babies?  Ridiculous.
Well, it seems I owe Panera an apology.  I was about to change Waverly in the back seat of my car yesterday (not the first time I have done that!) when I decided I needed to go to the ladies room myself.  And there, practically glowing, was a perfectly suitable & sufficient changing table.  Apparently, I failed to actually walk inside the stall the first time.  And have, in fact, been back over three times since without ever walking in because I already knew they didn’t have one.
Really?  Who does that?
In my defense, I was a little sleep-deprived & overwhelmed at the time.  And am not always all there since.
So … note to self.  Panera does have a changing table.  It’s inside the stall … just like a majority of the other changing tables in America.  Imagine that.
Mom, no changing table?!  Come on.


  1. January 23, 2013 / 7:43 pm

    Lol! That's funny!! I love her face in the pic!!!

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