To Grandmother’s House We Go …

As previously posted, our Waverly Maye has spent the last week with a few people other than Mommy, since this was my first week of work.  Truthfully, if it wasn’t for these few family members & close friends… I probably would have quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom rather than drop our sweet girl off at daycare.  But luckily, Waverly had her Li-Li watch her on Monday/Wednesday, a family friend on Tuesday/Thursday, and my grandparents this past Friday.  It was an eventful week, but our baby girl exceeded our expectations and adapted perfectly.  (Almost TOO perfectly … I was hoping she would need her Mommy a little more … 🙂 ).

Li-Li spends tons of time with Waverly and Taylor is a babysitter by profession at the moment, so if I was slighty nervous about any day – it was most likely Friday.  Not that my Momma & Papa aren’t two of my favorite people in the world, and not that they didn’t watch me quite often as a child … But our sweet Waverly can be a bit high-maintanence and certainly has her unique personality traits.  (She most likely takes after her mother, and therefore can have her dramatic moments.)

But, according to my grandmother, the day was not as high drama as I might have predicted.  I came to their house to find a peaceful, sleeping baby.  Of course, she was in Momma’s arms, as I assume she was all day … But you can’t spoil a baby, right?  Because all I want to do when I come home to that face is hold her tight all afternoon & evening long.

I am thankful for a successful first week and my happy baby girl … And those special people who are her happy when I can’t be there.

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