Timeless Traditions

There is officially only two weekends left until Christmas, and celebrations in our house are as festive as ever. I just want to take all of the magic in these sweet moments from Waverly Maye’s first Christmas, bottle them up … and keep them forever. But since I can’t exactly do that, my obsession with taking pictures and the memories recorded on this blog will have to do.
After visiting the Old St. Nick on Friday, we spent our Saturday wrapping gifts and purchasing a few more presents for our favorite little elf. And speaking of elves … I am now locked & loaded with all of Waverly’s elf gifts for the week before Christmas. I have adapted the tradition from my own mom, who would have the “elves” visit us each morning starting December 1st. Each day, we would look forward to a special little gift (magazine, favorite candy, esc … ) and a poem (which I now know were all written by my mom.) It was a tradition that made the season that much more meaningful and I feel lucky to now start it on my own – even though I am starting slowly with one week rather than an entire month.  That’s good enough for this year, right?!
Waverly’s outfit is from JC Pennys & headband from Little Hip Squeaks on Etsy.



  1. December 9, 2012 / 9:33 pm

    She looks like a china doll in that first pic! So precious! 🙂


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