Three Years of Remie Rue

Today my baby is THREE!  Three whole years of our Remie Rue, she’s been full of magic since that surprise pregnancy test Christmas morning + my heart could just burst when I think about the joy she has brought to our family over the past few years.  She truly is so loved, we laugh because we don’t think she will ever know a world where she is not constantly getting all the attention – from us, her big sisters, all her big sisters friends, ALL of the time!  She is the baby of the crew, always being cared for  + she doesn’t mind at all, she does it very well. 🙂

Some things about Remie on her last few days of being two!  She is so much fun right now, also into everything, but is just so very precious with everything she does that you forget about all of the messes she makes.  She took the longest of all three of my girls to talk, but now is talking so much that I literally cannot remember what it was like before she did.  She has the sweetest little voice and her “peese mama” gets her pretty much anything she wants.  She calls Waverly “Wawa” and Avalon “Ella”, has done this for at least the past year and I kind of hope she does it forever.  She really loves them so much and wants to be just like them.

By far, her favorite thing right now is books.  ALL the books.  She will sit and read a stack of books forever and will cuddle with you while you read to her anytime of day, it really is amazing how much she loves reading!  She also still loves Peppa Pig (just like Avalon), dogs, and her favorite color is purple.  She has grown so much the past couple months, moving into a big girl bed + starting her second year of preschool – it’s going so fast but at the same time, I know how little she still is and I am just loving soaking it all with her.  My sweet baby, she is such a gift + I still cannot believe we get to keep her forever!

Some photos from the past year.


We celebrated her last weekend with a brunch with family + tonight she has requested to play at the beach and order pizza with her sisters.  Waverly + Avalon picked her out some special presents and I cannot wait to watch her open them!

Happy birthday eve, Remie Rue – mama loves you more than you will ever know!

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