This past Monday, my husband turned 31.  In other words, really old.  I keep reminding him how I am still rocking it in my 20s. 
For three more weeks until my 30th, that is.
We started off by sending the birthday boy some well wishes.  In chalk, just like we do best.
Old Navy Vest
Also like every other holiday, we used the day as an excuse to make some yummy food for both Waverly Maye & the man of the day.  Breakfast consisted of eggs & bacon, and afternoon treats were fudge marble cupcakes.  It’s safe to say that the cupcakes went over much better than the eggs, as expected.  This girl & her sweet tooth are so obviously my daughter.  She ate the cupcake right down to the liner, and then tried to eat that, too.
That night, Waverly attended her first baseball game!  A big moment, since I come from a family of baseball players.  Although I’m not sure how much of the game we actually watched, Waverly Maye obviously loved the crowds of people & the opportunity to be the crazy little lady she is.  She stayed up way past her bedtime, had her first cotton candy, and danced to the music in between the innings.  Every little girl’s dream come true.
I am fairly sure that on my hubby’s birthday last year, we were so sleep-deprived that we didn’t know what day we were supposed to celebrate.  That ten-day old baby is now one, and the best present we have ever gotten.  We are so lucky to be celebrating with her this year, and every year to come!
Happy birthday to my husband, and happy Friday to all of you!  Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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