Thirteen Month Update

YES, I have decided to continue Waverly Maye’s monthly updates, even though my husband thinks I’m crazy.  They really are fun to do, rewarding to look back on, & another reason for a mini-photo session is always welcome around here. 
Besides, let’s face it, my husband thinks my need for constant festiveness & photo-taking is crazy, yet I think he really loves it.  Deep down.
Baby girl is now a whole THIRTEEN months old, making her a certified TODDLER!  Since she is such a little lady now, the format of her monthly updates will change.  But lucky for us, that sweet face has not!
Stats:  28 inches (5th percentile; YES, she is a shorty but that just means she can fit into her clothes for longer!) & 20 pounds.
Current Words & Other Milestones:  Momma is definitely the most used word in her current vocabulary, and yes, that makes this momma very happy!  She says it all the time, whenever she needs anything at all.  Smart girl, she knows who makes things happen!  Her other favorite word is bye-bye, which she also uses constantly, to both people in the stores or her toys when they go in the toy bin.  And yes, dada is now being used more & more, this daddy’s girl even has attached the word to her favorite man.  Other words are Bogger (our dog) & mine.  Waverly has a voice and let me tell ya, she LOVES to use it!  And as previously posted, Waverly is now a WALKER! 
Teeth & Sleep:  Currently, she has THREE whole teeth and one on the way.  Waverly Maye is a rock star each night and goes down for about 13-14 hours straight.  One of my favorite moments of the day is definitely the morning, when I go get that sweet face from her crib and she immediately wants to play (diving into her mattress about 20 times in a row.)  We were at two solid naps, but I am working on getting that down to one long nap in the afternoon for the fall.   
Favorite Foods:  Still pretty much the same!  Waverly loves waffles and would eat them for breakfast, lunch & dinner if she could.  Her current habit is to suck the syrup out of each piece before she eats it.  Totally my child!  She also loves blueberries, turkey, strawberries, goldfish, chicken & potatoes.
Favorite Toys & Activities:  Her wub-nub (paci with a stuffed animal attached) is her number one companion when she is sleeping.  When we go to get Waverly from her crib, she is sitting with each of the five that we currently have.  Trouble ahead when we attempt to take a paci from this lady, I know.  Other faves of the moment are her teepee, kitchen, shopping cart, & radio flyer.  She LOVES to be on the move.  ALL the time. 
Least Favorite Activities:  Being still, getting her diaper changed, & getting dressed.  And at times of the day, Miss Independent hates being in the stroller and would rather push it herself.
Special Moments & Extra Comments:  Seriously, I can’t even describe how obsessed with this thirteen month old I am.  This month has been SO much fun and she is definitely her own little person now, with the BIGGEST, most contagious personality.  I loved everything about this month and yes, it was the best one yet. 🙂


  1. August 26, 2013 / 1:05 pm

    She is so adorable! The diaper thing/getting dressed only gets worse! Tinley and I have a constant fight about it every day! But, on the bright side, everything else gets better and the fun continues! :o)

  2. August 27, 2013 / 12:21 am

    Maybe if she doesn't like getting her diaper changed now she'll train earlier later? She's so cute! I can see why you like to get in as many photo shoots as possible!

  3. August 27, 2013 / 2:46 am

    She is so cute! I love her little shoes and socks! 🙂

  4. August 30, 2013 / 2:00 am

    Love the outfit!!! The morning mattress dives are my favorite too!! 🙂

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