They Warm My Heart

I have every intention on blogging about Waverly’s many outfits that she adorned during her first couple months of life, but today had to share details on the precious accessories she wore during her ninth week since birth. As a woman in my 20s, I understand the importance of an accesory. The perfect bracelet or statement necklace can certainly make an outfit stand out. Unfortunately, my belief on this has led me to purchase enough accessories to cover a large armoire, several jewelry boxes/holders, and a few drawers.
My daughter’s wardrobe is already no different, as at two months old, her accesory collection already dwarfs mine (pictures to follow … ). Many of her hats, headbands, bows, bloomers, esc. do not fit her newborn body yet, but luckily, yesterday we were able to pull some rather adorable legwarmers up those sweet little legs. And they transformed a classic, grey onsie into a stand-out baby outfit.
The legwarmers she wore are sized 0-3 months and were given to me at my baby shower. There are a wide variety of legwarmers sized baby-toddler available online. My recommendation is to wear printed legwarmers with a plain onsie in order to minimize any distractions from the star of the outfit (other than the baby!).
*Waverly is also wearing a her first raincoat, purchased at H&M.

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