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Even though it was less than six months ago, if my memory serves me right … compiling the registry for Little Miss Brickner was quite the daunting task.  I am pretty sure that the “suggested items you will need” brochure provided at “Babies’R’Us had over 200 items on it.  And I am also sure that we were no different from other first-time expecting parents who had never even heard of most of the essential items before. 
Needless to say, we conquered the challenge and successfully registered for our baby girl, recieved many of the items from our sweet family & friends at our showers, and bought a majority of what we didn’t get before Waverly arrived in July.  We were locked & loaded, and even though we still didn’t know how to use or perhaps even pronounce many of the baby items we had on hand … the fact that we had them provided us some confidence. 
Now that Waverly Maye is three months old, I have a much better understanding of many of those items we were told we needed, and am thankful that we have them.  But just like people, every baby is different & Waverly (And Mommy!) definitely have preferences for some of the products more than others.  I have listed my top five “must-haves” for Waverly’s months two & three.
1 – Fisher Price Cradle Swing (Babies’R’Us; $140.00):  I had to put this on top, because Waverly has spent at least half of her first three months of life snuggled into this swing.  It is our “go-to” when she won’t fall asleep for naps and her current resting spot each night … so it is obviously super comfortable.  It also has straps to ease my mind that she is secure, plays music, and has a mobile for her to gaze at when she is awake.
2 – Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets (Target; $34.95 for 4):  I laughed at my mom for spending this much for some muslin blankets when she purchased these for me during my pregnancy, but she was convinced they were worth it based on the reviews. She was right.  Not only did they save our lives
for her first month when we swaddled her in them each night, but we still use at least 2 daily as burp cloths or to just wrap her in.  They wash well & the prints are adorable.
3 – Boppy Pillow (Target; $29.99):  For something I had never heard of or seen before, the Boppy has become my best friend. We use it each & every time we breastfeed at home, which is at least multiple times on a daily basis.  It makes breastfeeding soooo much more comfortable for us both.  We also use it to practice tummy time, to prop Waverly up for photos, and to occasionally hold her for a nap.
4 – Medela In Style Breast Pump (Babies’R’Us; $269.99):  I was lucky enough to have mine passed down from my sister-in-law, which was great since this is one of those expensive products that breastfeeding moms need but aren’t that glamorous to buy.  The pump is obviously essential, and the Medela is the best.  Since going back to work, I bring it (in the handy bag that is included) and use it
5 – White Onsies (Carter’s; $26 for a 5-Pack) – I was definitely more excited to get printed dresses, leggings, and cropped jackets rather than plain white onsies for my little girl … but have quickly learned that the basics were what I needed most.  It’s just like adult fashion, you need to build a good base for your wardrobe.  Waverly wears them under her outfits almost everyday, and as it gets colder, even under her sleepers at night.  She also goes through them quicker than I could have imagined, so I alway find myself stocking up on more.  Carter’s makes the best quality, and with a coupon (google for one!), you can get them for super cheap!

Aden & Anais Blankets

Boppy Pillow

Medela Breat Pump


Carter’s Onsies

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