The 12 Faves of Waverly: Part Two

The “12 Faves of Waverly” continue today with Part Two.  Her sweet little self is changing so much day by day that I am surprised her favorites still remain the same after originally writing them two days ago.  Nevertheless, these are her her Top Six Faves (at the moment!) …

6 – The Rock ‘N’ Play; We have finally gotten Waverly out of her habit of sleeping in her swing every night, and her new place of rest is the Rock ‘N’ Play.  It is also her go-to spot for taking naps during the day.  I am so appreciative for whoever invented the Rock ‘N’ Play, it’s totally been a life-changer.  Next step is the crib, we are clearly taking “baby” steps to get there.

5 – Her Feet; As previously posted, Waverly has officially discovered her feet.  And she loves them, as do I.  Many minutes of the day are devoted to her holding on to those cute little toes, and therefore, many pictures document this (see below!).

4 – Her Tongue; Another body part that Waverly is clearly glad that she found, she will actually stick it out and hold on to it.  I know that doesn’t sound so cute, but it really is.  I know one day it definitely wouldn’t be, but for now, it’s the sweetest sight ever.

3 – Target; OK, so I admit that the love of Target is definitely mine, but I think I have already passed my adoration down to my daughter.  We have spent more hours there together than I am willing to admit (and ever will to my husband).

2 – Her Daddy; Watching Waverly’s eyes light up when her dad comes home from work is – without a doubt – one of my favorite moments EVER.  It happens every night, and still melts my heart everytime.  (I like to think that she is at least a little more excited when I return from work at 3, but I am not quite sure.)  He makes her so happy, she makes him so happy … and obviously that ALL makes me downright ecstatic.   

1 – Her Mommy; I think it’s only fair that I get to be first on this list, since I did carry her for nine months, right?!  Waverly is definitely at the age that she recognizes those close to her, and it is so rewarding.  There are times that she looks at me that I just know she understands that I would do absolutely anything for her.  Those looks will NEVER get old.  And obviously, she would top the list of my favorites, too.

So there you have it … the “12 Faves of Waverly.”  And here is Waverly’s Outfit #14 in her “Chic Countdown to Christmas.”  As indicated in #5, she does love those little tootsies. 
Waverly’s onsie is from Target, leggings are part of an outfit from Zulily, and headband is from Zulily. 

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