I love Fridays, each & every week, but this one is certainly sweeter than most.  When I leave work today, it’s Waverly & Me time for the next week & a half, no interuptions.  I’m not sure that I can think of anything better.  Not even a shopping spree at the Forever 21 store in NYC or a spa day complete with a manicure & pedicure.
And both of those sound pretty good. 
I must mention, however, that even though I would obviously rather stay home with Waverly Maye than go to work any day of the week, I can’t complain too much.   Because we are surrounded by so many loving family members & friends, we have never had to take Waverly to daycare.  This week, my sweet sister is home from college and has taken two days out of her break to spend the day with her niece (Who, by the way, now completely recognizes her & lights up each time she see her.) 
This weekend’s agenda?
 We will spend our time before Santa arrives knee deep in holiday shopping, sweet treat baking, gift wrapping, carol singing, holiday story reading, party gathering, ornament making…… and any other seasonal activities we can possibly fit in. 
I can hardly contain my holiday happiness.
Of course, the elves came to visit our house last night, and here is what they left.

Ellie and her friends have come for Day Three,
I’m sure you’ve been wondering just what it will be.
This one’s sure to bring you lots of joy,
Guess what, we brought you a toy.
We hope you like it, sweet little one,
Because we love watching you have so much fun.

A little more interested in her feet than the gift.  She is quite flexible these days.

And for Waverly’s Outfit #21 in her Chic Countdown to Fashion, a peek at the front of this year’s Christmas card.  (With Waverly Maye as the star, of course!)
I will post the rest of the my little elf’s pictures tomorrow.

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