Ten Years of Waverly Maye

And just like that, our Waverly Maye is in the DOUBLE digits!!!!  The girl who made me a mama is ten whole years, what a joy the last decade has been with her in it.  The older she gets the less I want to share about her here, but I always love to share favorite photos from the past year on each of the girls birthdays + Waverly of all my girls loves photos (especially of her) the most. 🙂

She is my daughter who reminds me the most of myself, both in looks + personality.  She is organized, a planner, always looking forward to the next thing + is a true performer, one of my favorite things as a mama is getting to watch her on stage.  This year she will start fifth grade, her last year before middle school, it’s so crazy how fast it goes but also just so special getting to watch them grow to what they are meant to be.

We celebrated her with a pool party with some of her dance + school friends this weekend, of course she double-checked a thousand times that I had it organized juuuust right. 😉

Happy TEN Waverly Maye, we looooooove you so!!!! XO

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