Take-Home Fashion

After giving birth to Waverly Maye, our hospital stay was quite enjoyable (seriously, we had a “celebration dinner for two,” my own personal waitress, and obviously a 24 hour nursing staff & lactation consultant.) But when it came time to leave, we were more than prepared with the required car seat, Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag, and Waverly’s all-important take-home outfit.
More on the baby equipment and my essentials later, as the importance of today’s blog lies with the first outfit that Waverly wore outside of the confines of the Princess Anne Hospital, the one that she first arrived at her new home in, and lastly, the outfit that she debuted in the millions of pictures that we took that day.
The take-home outfit is most likely one that many parents put much thought and consideration into, as I had heard about it pre-pregnancy and there were more than several posts about it on my “July 2012” baby message board. So as a style-obsessed mommy-to-be, I wanted it to be the PEFECT choice for such an important event in my little girl’s life. It needed to be feminine, timeless, and of course, fashion-forward without being over-the-top.
Waverly’s take-home outfit was given to me at my first baby shower by my mom. It was bought online, and the pink flower on the gown is detachable with velcro. We had a leopard blanket to match, but didn’t need it in the July heat.



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