I’m not sure that there is a better mood booster than having a legit conversation with a four year old, there are so many reasons that I don’t want Waverly to grow one day older than she is now, and at the very top of that list is how she talks.  I have a running tab on my phone on some of my favorite statements that come out of her mouth each day, and those are always some of things that bring a huge smile to my face each night when I lay down after I put the girls in bed.

Some things that Waverly Maye says right now, at just over four & a half years old.

I had to laugh when one of my friends with a little girl told me the other day that her daughter had never had an opinion or statement about her clothes.  That’s literally what half of our conversations are about, most of them 150% dramatic, and I don’t know why I am surprised since she is in fact my kid.  Every night before bed it’s “this is my favorite color in the world so I need to wear that”, or  “mom, I NEED to show my best friends this shirt”.  And then by morning she has always changed her mind, “I just can’t wear this, it is soooo not beautiful”.  I just can’t wait until she is in high school. 😉

She adds an “ed” to most of her words.  “I lost-ed this”, “I miss-ded you” … It’s completely one of those habits that I know I should correct her on but that my heart just can’t.

She is a master negotiator, so freaking smart it blows my mind.  Anytime I tell her no to something, she is going to find a way to ask me differently within a couple of minutes, most often by bringing Avalon into it.  “Well Avalon reaaaaaally wants to have a new shopkins toy”, or if I tell her I don’t want to go by a specific place she wants to go, “I’m pretty sure they have coffee there”. 

She calls herself me.  “Mom, is me big?”  “Mom, is me being a good girl today?”  “Mommy, me loves you.”  Can she do this forever & ever?!!!

Lately she has become very interested in boobies, this probably started when I was breastfeeding Avalon but it’s definitely more than ever now.  A couple weeks ago she asked me why her boobies were flat, and then last week she said, “when am I going to get big boobs like you?”.  And just being honest, I totally took it as a huge compliment because we all know that they just aren’t big.

One of my favorite things about her will always be how she copies the way I talk to her to Avalon, truly the circle of life! 🙂  She calls Avalon her “sweetie girl”, and tries to rationalize with her (which is always funny to watch).  “Avalon, you will hurt yourself and we will have to go to the hospital”.  She rocks her, sings the same songs I sing to her, and asks her to “be patient” at least once a day.

If she has to use the bathroom, she will ask for “privacy”, she will let me know that she needs to “rest her feet for a while”, and maybe my favorite, she always tells me that she “hasn’t seen that show in YEARS” (and occasionally switches out years for ages).

She always refers to “our whole family”.  She loves when all four of us are together, the other night when we were eating dinner we asked what the highlight of her day was and she responded, “right now, eating with my whole family”.

Lastly, I shared this on IG, but the other day she dropped something and said “damn it”.  I explained to her that we don’t talk that way and she said, “oh ok, only mommies are aloud to say something like that”.  There’s nothing quite like your four-year old saying that to put you right in your place and maybe even a little encouraged to give yourself a mama time-out and some soap.

Happy halfway through the week!

Hope you all had the most wonderful Valentines Day with those you love most!  As a working mom, I always hate when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, which obviously happens more often than a weekend.  It’s one of the only holidays that I don’t get off and it’s always a little sad to not be able to make the girls heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and spend the whole day with them.  But we make the best of it, I took off the day before for Waverly’s class party and then we had lunch just the two of us, it was so nice to have some time with just her.  On Valentine’s Day, I took the girls for an ice cream date as soon as I got out of school and traded in the festive pancakes for heart-shaped pizzas for dinner.  Waverly & Avalon loved all the fun stuff that they got, Avalon loved the sweets the most of course, and the last thing Waverly did before she fell asleep was give me a huge kiss and said “you are my Valentine, thanks for the bestest day ever”.

Over the weekend, we had all of Waverly’s girlfriends from class over for her second annual girls playdate, and it was the sweetest thing!!!  A few of the girls were also in her class last year so we have really gotten to know them and it’s been so much fun to see them all grow together.  Waverly was sooooo excited, she talked about it all week long and it was the first thing she jumped into bed to talk to me about that morning.  My favorite part of the day was when Avalon woke up from her nap during the party and Waverly took her friends up to her room and said, “girls, this is my sister”, while pointing to Avalon who was sitting there smiling so proud. 🙂  It definitely tops the list of my favorite sister moments, ever!!!

You may have seen on IG, but we started a new tradition this Valentines Day, six roses for each of our girls, each year!  A friend shared the idea with me and I just loved it so much, it was something her dad did for her & her sister (along with 12 roses for her mom!), so I knew our girls would love it, too.  It already gets me emotional thinking about how much they will grow and change each year!

Happy halfway through the week, friends, almost made it! XO

Happiest Friday, friends!!!!  Hope you are as excited as we are for a weekend all about L-O-V-E, since it’s our last before Valentines Day hits on Tuesday!  I’m stopping in today to share some pictures we took a couple weekends back, on a little outing with just the four of us, along with the details on a new watch I teamed up with Jord Wood Watches on for my husband.  It’s completely random that this is my second watch post this week (you can see my new one here!),  but when Jord reached out to send something our way for Joe, I couldn’t resist.  It’s always us girls getting all the fun stuff, so I loved being able to get him something as well.
Both Waverly and Avalon are 150% daddy’s girls right now, and as jealous as I am about it (because I totally am), I can’t help but love it.  There’s just nothing sweeter than seeing your high school boyfriend become a dad, I will never get over the fact that this all started EIGHTEEN years ago in my tenth grade math class.  Oh, how far we have come! 🙂

Jord has so many options for both women & men, and they are all wood which I love so much!  The feel is a bit rustic, which fits our style perfectly, and it’s also very versatile.  Joe does not dress-up much (and is way less into fashion than I am), but this watch is perfect for him, it’s stylish without being too much.

You can shop his watch style here, and of course there are lots of other options as well!  Wishing you & yours the happiest weekend full of pink, red, and heart-shaped everything! XO

The next holiday on the roster is a week away and we are all kinds of excited over here!!  With two little girls, red, pink and all the heart-shaped things are favorites year-round, so it’s always extra fun when we get to have a couple weeks with an excuse to wear them on the regular.  Waverly’s been talking about Valentines Day since the morning after Christmas, this weekend we are having her girlfriends from class over for a little heart day playdate and she can’t stop talking about it.  We’ve also been working on some Valentines, mainly I’ve been working on talking her into also giving the boys in her class valentines, because you know, they are still are “disgusting”.  May you forever feel that way, baby girl.

Sharing some fun Valentines pictures we took last weekend, Waverly would have smiled all day long and Avalon was just in it for the heart-shaped lollipops!  Which she affectionately calls “balls”.
Hope you are having the best week!  Sending lots of love your way!

Happy Monday, hope you had a lovely weekend!  I’m super excited to share some images from a recent shoot we did, along with the details on my new favorite accessory!  We did these photos back in the beginning of January, a couple days after the big snowstorm that hit and gave us an unexpected three days off school.  By day three, we all had some major cabin fever and the weather had finally warmed up, so it was the perfect excuse to get out and meet my girl Shawna for a fun little girls date!!! 🙂

My mom had gotten this tulle skirt for me as a Christmas gift and I loved the idea of wearing it with the girls in their tutus as well, mostly because it’s just the perfect representation of our life these days.  Who knows what our future will hold, but right now we are living the girl world to the max and it’s pretty special.  Waverly can be found in some sort of a tutu (or three) 95% of the time that we are at home, and Avalon wants to do whatever her big sissy does, so she lights up at the chance to wear one of her own.  We watch Frozen on repeat, Anna & Elsa are two of Avalon’s favorite words and Waverly can perform “Let it Go” like a BOSS, gloves, tiara, heels and all, with Avalon closely behind as her back-up dancer.  We have endless tea parties, nail painting sessions, and have acquired more baby dolls than I could ever count.  I am sure that boys are just as special in a different kind of way, but there is just something so unbelievably magical about little girls and I’ve decided that it’s officially a shame that they have to grow up.  I hope our little ladies will always know how loved and adored they are, how special and important they are, and much joy they have brought to our lives.  Really, as hard as I try to make their childhood memorable, it can’t ever come close to what they have done for me.

Girls Skirts
And my watch & cuff combo!!!  I recently teamed up with Daniel Wellington on these two pieces, and to say I am obsessed with them both is the biggest understatement.  They are my daily go-to, I love them paired with jeans for teaching preschool or running errands with the girls just as much as I love them for the rare date night out.  I am not really a big jewelry person, I have been wearing the same gold bar necklace daily since Waverly was born (with Avalon’s name added to it now), so I am pretty sure that these will be the same.  Seriously, they are SO GOOD! 🙂  So now it’s your turn, you can get a set of your own with 15% off using the code BRICKNER.

Happy week ahead, friends!