We hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt and brunch over the weekend, something we look forward to every year!!  We started this with our friends and their little ones after we moved into our house when Waverly was two, and I have loved watching the kids grow each year so much.  Life seems to get busier and crazier all the time, so even though we have a lot of friends who have kids the same age as ours, it’s hard to get together that often.  Every time we do, it’s so worth it and I find myself thankful for my kids being able to grow up alongside the kids of my best friends from my own childhood.

Waverly was so excited to help with everything this year, we let her hide a couple of the eggs (for the “babies”), and she never turns down an opportunity to help me bake some cupcakes.  We did some mimosas and this French toast bake overnight, and then everyone brought something to share.  The kids had so much fun hunting, although looking back I know to get a lot more eggs to hide next year, turns out four-year olds can hunt way better and faster than three-year olds can. 😉

Our yearly photo at the end, I couldn’t get the camera back far enough to get all the kids in the frame, a total of thirteen (so far!).  Love these babes so much!!! 🙂  You can see last year’s hunt here and the year before here & here – all of which confirm my babies are growing TOO fast!  XO

There’s nothing quite like sharing some weekend pictures on a Thursday!! 😉  This week has been crazy, it started off Monday afternoon when I drove all the way across the city to take both girls to the dentist.  It takes a lot of planning to accomplish things like that during the week, I had to meet the girls sitter early and pack extra things, then find the place (which took forever), tell a very nervous Waverly the entire way that she would be just fine, get both girls out of car seats and onto the second floor, all to find out – our appointment was the following month, the same day

There’s more.

So we took the walk of shame out of the dentist, and to make up for all the confusion, I decided to take the girls to the Chick-Fil-A playplace we drove by.  We had never been to that one before, so I let the girls explore it while I ordered, nuggets & fries for them and an ice cream cone for me (I felt like I deserved it).  I walked in and was so excited to finally relax, eat my cone and sit down while they played, when Waverly starts screaming from the top of her lungs because she is petrified of the height and wants down immediately.  I tried talking her down, it wasn’t working, and neither did climbing up to get her because I DIDN’T FIT through the playplace tunnel.  I would like to send a public apology to that poor dad who had to watch me try, while still in my floral dress from work, all while Waverly was crying bucket tears scared out of her mind and Avalon was freaking out because I didn’t want to help her up to go down the slide again, she has no fear and loved the damn crazy place.  These are the days, my friends.  Somehow I already know I will miss this perfect little chaos years from now.

Sharing some pictures from the weekend, our weather was SO GOOD!  We spend almost all of our time outside, endless walks and park dates and outdoor picnics.  Spring weather, stay forever!!!!!

The picture of Avalon at the end cracks me up, she is so proud of showing off her belly lately, it’s the cutest thing ever for now. 🙂  Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! XO

Happy spring, friends!  I don’t know that there is any other season change I like more than winter to spring, by this point we are always dying for some fresh air, and of course we love pastels, floral, and all the Easter things!!!  Waverly & I both have our spring breaks in just a few weeks, and we are SO EXCITED!  Because of the snowstorm and random week off shortly after Christmas, pretty much all of our holidays since then became make-up days, so we are currently in desperate need of a week with no routine and no schedule.  It will be the perfect practice to hold us over until summer!

I thought I would round-up some of my favorite images from this winter, I sometimes wonder if I take too many pictures (ha!), but then putting these all together to look back on makes me so happy.  I am a true believer that looking at a picture can take you right back to the moment, and these all remind me of what a sweet, sweet season of life we are in!  I will always remember this as the winter that Waverly really “grew up”, from a toddler to a big girl, and that Avalon started talking and really came into her own as a toddler.  The girls bond is stronger than ever, they fight more than they did before but also make up just as quickly, and it’s in these past few months that I’ve really stepped back and let them do their thing.  Life with two kids has in some ways become harder (with two really on the move and opinionated), but in other ways easier, and as always, this stage of life is just flying by more than my heart can take.

See ya next year winter, thanks for being so good to us!!!

Happy Friday, excited to stop in and share some random thoughts before kicking off the weekend!

1 – Avalon, at 20 months, might just be at my favorite age ever.  I can’t get enough of her!  She talks so much, I think possibly even more than Waverly did at this age, because she copies so much of what Waverly does.  She says her name now (“Ava”, which is what Waverly calls her), asks me for “a hug” every morning before I leave for work, and now when I ask her something, instead of saying yes she says “sure”.  She loves to watch Frozen, and asks to watch it daily, then when it gets to the “Let it Go” part, she runs and grabs the exact pink princess cape that Waverly wears when she performs to it.  We are also starting to potty train her (!!!), she has so much interest in it so we went and bought her an Elmo potty this week.  She thinks it is hilarious to sit on it, not pee, but make the sound of water and then jumps off & says “all done”, before flushing it.  Love her so much.

2 – My spring break is three weeks away and I am in major countdown mode!!!  We are going to Asheville for the first time, and are so excited!  It’s actually also the first time we have really traveled as a family of four, and I think after a long winter of sicknesses and lots of indoor time, we are due.  If you ever been to Asheville and have any recommendations, I would love to hear!

3 – The flyer for Waverly’s kindergarten registration came in the mail this week and I am DYING!  Both of excitement and sadness.  Being in an elementary school this year has given me a whole new perspective on it, I 100% think she is ready and will love it, but I just can’t believe that she is old enough for all of this.  She’s so funny lately, she’s (trying) to talk like such a grown up, I asked her if she wanted to play Candyland the other day and she said, “I’m not surprised, I thought you would never ask”. 😉

4 – I took the girls to the playplace at the mall this week (because it’s FREEZING, and we desperately needed to get out of the house!).  Within literally two minutes of getting there, I looked over and Waverly was holding hands with another little girl, laughing and running around like they had been best friends their entire life.  Minutes after, she introduced Avalon to another little girl who was around one also, and asked if she would play with her sister.  It was the sweetest, and it just made me think of how it’s a really big shame that older people lose that childhood innocence and kindness.  How wonderful would the world be if we all were as carefree and sweet to new people we met?! 🙂

5 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!  It’s so funny, I’m pretty sure if this holiday had fallen on a Friday five years ago I would have had big plans to go out and drink all the green beer, but that will definitely not be the case tonight.  Instead, I will most likely celebrate by making green pancakes for the girls (breakfast for dinner is their favorite), then after tucking them in, will pour a huge glass of wine that I won’t even be able to stay awake to drink half of.  Sounds about right.  Wishing you & yours the happiest weekend ever!!!! XO

We have been really busy with house projects over here since the new year started, and I am super excited to share some of them in the next few weeks!!  One of our resolutions for 2017 was to really focus on some of the one million updates we have had on our to-do list forever, although I am certain that we will always keep a list, because that’s just the way we roll.  I seem to always find something new I want to do to refresh our home and change things up a bit, a quality of mine that my sweet husband may just want to change about me.

Waverly’s room was first on my list, I wanted to paint and just brighten it up with some fun little things I have been collecting over the past few months.  Once Avalon is ready to move out of her crib and into a big girl bed, we will most likely make this the girls shared room.  Our house is big enough that we don’t really need for them to, but Waverly loves the idea of it and asks daily when they get to, and I think Avalon may love it even more.  My husband built Waverly’s bed (you can see the post here), so he will either build a matching one for Avalon or bunk beds, depending on what we can fit.  Waverly wants bunk beds with her little sister SO MUCH, so if we can make that happen, we probably will.  The thought of them sharing is already just the sweetest thing ever to me, though I am sure there will be just as many sister fights as sister snuggles … 😉

We painted the walls white and replaced all the baseboard, which is actually a project we are working on through out the house.  Our house is old (one of things that I actually love about it), so it’s amazing what a huge change that has made!  Her room already had some pops of pink and gold, which I kept, but then also added some yellows, which were inspired by this beautiful painting that I teamed up with Minted on.  Love it so much!!!  Other details are linked on the bottom of this post, including this rug from Land of the Nod, it is even better in person!

Can’t wait to add to it in the months to come, and to give it some fun touches each holiday!!  See all sources below, happy Wednesday! XO

Minted Painting – Duvet Cover Rug – Curtains Swan Head – Bookcase