It’s safe to say that hitting the third trimester & then the 30’s has officially put me in the omg, we really are about to have another human & need to get our shit together stage of my pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure that at this point with Waverly, we had a complete nursery & possibly even a packed hospital bag hanging on the door.  I promise we really do love baby girl two just as much & are equally excited for her arrival, having her big sister this time has just obviously made our preparation process look a whole lot different.  It’s no doubt been slower & a little less focused, but also, a whole lot cuter, as I witnessed this weekend when I walked into the nursery and saw Waverly assisting my husband “hammer” in the last few pallets on the wall.  She said, “mama, I am working hard for baby sissy”.
Now that we have most of the items purchased for the nursery, I’m trying to focus on all of the “gear” we need for when she arrives.  We definitely lucked out in the second babe being the same gender department, which is a really good thing because almost all of what we have is pink (I heard girl & got a little too excited).  I’ve put together a few of the items that we have decided are most important to get for baby two, things that we found through trial & error the first round, that we loved when Waverly was a baby, or that seem like they will make life run a little more smoothly as a family of four.
UppaBaby Stroller & Rumble Seat:  We have used this stroller since Waverly was born, it comes with two attachments, the bassinet that we used when she was an infant & then we transitioned to the seat at about six months.  For the most part, we love it & still do.  The only downfall has nothing to do with the actual stroller & everything to do with my wild child’s personality!  Waverly has never liked to be restrained, I can even remember us walking around when she was a couple months, we were holding her & using the stroller to hold the shopping bags (something we still do).  For that reason, I can’t justify spending a lot on a double stroller, yet at the same time, I can’t imagine not having one either.  We have decided on this attachment for Waverly to sit in when they are both riding, it doesn’t come with the best reviews, but for the price & the amount we will probably use it, it seems like a good fit.  Plus we can obviously still use it as a single stroller & who knows, we may have a child who likes that this time. 😉
Summer Dual Video Monitor:  We had a video monitor with Waverly but then switched to the Angel Care Movement & Sound Monitor when we moved her out of our room & into the crib, mostly because I was beyond paranoid of SIDS (like she may still be sleeping in our room if I didn’t find a monitor that detected it).  We love the monitor & still plan to use it in the baby’s room, but I LOVE the idea of being able to watch both girls on video.  Obviously for safety reasons, and also, the thought of actually knowing what Waverly does in her room when she is supposed to be sleeping is just way too tempting.
Tommy Tippee Bottles:  Even though I plan to breastfeed again, we obviously still need bottles for when I am working or the possible one night we may ever go out again … 😉  We used these with Waverly & loved them, I just threw them all out after she turned a year since I felt like that was something we didn’t need to reuse.
Solly Wrap:  I am super excited about my solly wrap, not that I have ever used it, but it looks damn cute sitting in our nursery right now & I have read so many great reviews.  We had both the ergo & moby wrap with Waverly, I posted my thoughts on both here if you are interested.
Breast Pump:  Oh, the breast pump.  Definitely the one baby item I am least excited to see again, especially since I know how much time we will be spending together during the months to come.  I breast-fed Waverly for a year (you can read about our experience here), I loved the process of feeding her so very much, I just hated that damn pump.  As a working mom, I had it with me so often that it became a part of my identity, & simply put, left me very little freedom ever.  I could go on & on about my thoughts on this subject, yet ultimately, I am so happy that the process worked for us because that really is what mattered most to me. I can only hope that the same goes for round two, we are ordering a second pump, only because insurance covers it 100% and from experience, I know the efficiency of the pump really plays a big part in how much milk you continue to supply.

I hope this is helpful to some of you, I know how much I loved reading lists like this when I was pregnant the first time & still do.  I plan to include some more favorites soon, things that we already have & plan to reuse again, it’s amazing how much of a lifesaver some of these products can be.  And in the meantime, a picture of baby Waverly, was she really ever that small?!

Photo by Little Baby Blue Photography

Happy halfway through the week!


We made it, ten weeks left & on to counting down in the single digits! 🙂

Size of Baby Brickner:  A cabbage.  My book says she is about three pounds & will gain half a pound each week from here on out.  I love that she is getting so big & can’t wait to see her sweet face soon!

Maternity Clothes:  My parents were so sweet to buy me a dress this week for our spring maternity pictures, it’s from Asos & I love it, can’t wait to share it soon!  I am hoping that this will be my last maternity fashion purchase for this pregnancy, though we definitely don’t plan on this being our last baby, I kind of hate spending money on maternity clothes, especially during the third trimester.  My biggest fashion tip (that I feel like I did a whole lot better with this time around), is to buy as a little “maternity” stuff as possible & instead try to get by with things bought in bigger sizes that you love, that still make you feel like you, & that you can wear again later.

Best Moment This Week:  We haven’t officially told Waverly her sister’s name, though I really want to, only because she repeats everything these days.  My husband & I refer to her by name all of the time though (obviously when Waverly is around), I just didn’t think she had caught on since we always call her “baby sister” or “sissy” when talking with her about it.  Then the other day we were playing with sidewalk chalk & I wrote Waverly’s name on the street, & right after she asked me to write her sister’s name (with her actual name), like it was was nothing.  Not only did it confirm that she officially picks up on everything, but it was the sweetest sound coming out of her mouth.  I cannot wait to see these girls together!

On a side note, I know it’s annoying (especially to those around us), that we haven’t shared her name. It has been way harder to keep quiet this time, since with Waverly we were between two names & this time we have been sure for months.  Honestly, I love a good surprise & if I was cool enough to wait to find out the gender I would, so I feel like this is the next best thing.  Also, I know both my husband & I love the name, that it fits our family & what we want for our daughter, and that really is all that matters to us.  Maybe it sounds bad, but we really don’t want to hear advice or thoughts on her name, & know that if we wait until her sweet little self is here, we won’t have to.  
Miss Anything:  Feeling really good this week, tired by the end of the day, but good! 🙂 

Movement:  ALL the time!

Cravings:  Ice cream & colored sprinkles, maybe because it’s getting warmer out?!

Queasy or Sick:  I had my glucose test this week (& passsed!), so I know others can relate, that drink made me absolutely nauseous.  Yet other than that, no complaints!

Looking Forward To:  Our Easter Egg Hunt this weekend & other holiday celebrations with Waverly Maye! Also, this is the last two weeks of school before my SPRING BREAK, I am super excited to have a week off to spend quality time with my oldest girl & to get some more items checked off our to-do list!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Size of Baby:  The head of a cauliflower!  Just from feeling her I can tell how much bigger she has gotten lately, it’s so crazy & so exciting! 🙂

Maternity Clothes:  Now that the weather has warmed up & there are cute spring clothes popping up everywhere, I am all about buying loose dresses that work with the bump but are not maternity.  I hope to keep wearing them all summer after she is here, so I’ve been trying to find options that I can breastfeed comfortably in.  That was something I never thought about before I had Waverly, & I remember having some really awkward moments with clothes that weren’t even kind of going to work, so I’m hoping to do better for round two. 🙂

Best Moment This Week:  We have been reading this book with Waverly most nights, trying to get her more ready for her baby sister, & it’s been the cutest.  I know it’s on her mind more than ever now (maybe as my belly gets bigger), but she says “hi, baby sissy” right to my belly when I walk in her room in the mornings & I could just melt! 🙂  She asked me if I think her little sister will play blocks with her or be able to walk when she gets here, so we definitely have some learning to do, but I really get more anxious to see the two of them together every single day.

Miss Anything:  Just being comfortable.  Sleep is definitely still a challenge, I’m thinking it probably will be from here on out, it takes forever to find a position that works & then once I do, I have to get up to pee.

Movement:  SO, so, so much lately!  More than ever, & I’m even thinking it may be more than what I felt with Waverly (which is scary, considering how wild Waverly is!).  Just the past week I have been able to feel little fingers, toes, maybe even a little butt, it’s such a weird feeling!

Cravings:  The same, I have been trying to eat healthier since I am not sick anymore & more options are appealing.  It’s not quite as exciting but it works!

Queasy or Sick:  The flu is behind us, thank goodness!  So we are feeling good! 🙂

Looking Forward To:  Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, & then it’s all things Easter for a couple of weeks!  Waverly has a serious obsession with watching egg videos on you tube (it’s the weirdest thing ever), I already pulled out the eggs for her & she is loving it already.  We have plans for a couple Easter egg hunts, I can’t wait to watch her!!

Wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!

So here we are, officially in the third trimester & less than three months to meeting our second baby girl.  We are closer than ever to the moment we have been counting down to for months, what a crazy feeling!  We are over the moon excited, anxious, & of course, just a little bit scared.
My doctor moved my due date up to May 31st from June 2nd, which in reality is only two days, but the change in months made this whole thing seem a hell of a lot closer.  As for labor, I definitely want her to keep cooking until then, but am really hoping that when the time comes, she comes on her own.  I was induced with Waverly the day after my due date, which for the record, I was ALL for by that point in my pregnancy, but clearly my body wasn’t.  I was in labor for 48 hours, most of it with no progress at all (even though I definitely felt it), & after all of that, it almost ended in a c-section.  Obviously all is well that ends well, we got a healthy, beautiful baby girl & haven’t looked back since.  Yet for round two, I really want that moment when my water breaks (just maybe not while I’m teaching a class) or that I start feeling contractions on my own, hopefully signaling that my body is ready this time.  I’ve told my husband time & time again to remind me of this when I am ten months pregnant & will do anything to get her here. 😉  With all that being said, I do know it will happen as it’s supposed to, I love & trust my doctor beyond words, I know she will know what is best for me & the baby.  Also, I certainly don’t want to scare anyone from an induction, I have many friends who had great experiences & who would no doubt do it again.
And what about after we are officially a family of four?!  I can’t even count the number of people who have told me what a change going from one to two is, that I will look back on my days with just my toddler & laugh about thinking I was busy then.  So there’s that, which I’m sure I will find to be true.  Mostly though, my thoughts center around the fact that we have been through the baby phase once & (sort of) know what to expect.  I know we have lots of sleepless nights headed our way, that there will be moments of endless crying that I can do nothing about, & that I probably won’t shower for days at a time.  Yet I also know how quickly that time passes, & to cherish it, especially since something tells me it will go even faster with two little ones at the house.
Without a doubt, my biggest fear is how Waverly will react to this huge life change.  She is so excited for her baby sister & talks about her all of the time, but ultimately, girlfriend has no idea what is coming to her.  It’s safe to say that she gets a lot of attention around here and has known nothing different for the entire two & a half years of her life.  There have been multiple times lately when we have been going through our normal routine that we have all come to know so well, & I’ve realized that no matter how hard I try, it’s going to have to change.  Especially since I plan to breastfeed again.  It’s such a bittersweet feeling, but I do know that it’s going to be the best thing for everyone, & that soon we will have a new normal that we will come to love just as much.

Above all else, I feel so lucky to be able to grow our family, my husband I have always hoped for a house full of kids & we couldn’t be happier that our dreams are coming true. I also know that we wouldn’t be given this new life if we couldn’t handle it, people do this all of the time, right?!  We can’t wait to meet you, baby girl, & love you SO much already! 🙂

We are officially in the THIRD trimester, & so, so excited to meet our newest baby girl in three months or less! 🙂

Size of Baby Brickner:  Our little lady is aout 2.5 pounds now, according to my book, & can dream, hiccup, & blink her little eyes!

Maternity Clothes:  You guys, I really hate jeans right now.  I can’t decide what is worse, the dramatics of pulling them up (no one should have to see that) or walking around in them all day (which is really starting to cut off my circulation).  So I think it’s time we part ways for a while, I am hoping that the weather will cooperate enough so I can rock mainly dresses & leggings from here on out!

Best Moment This Week:  Our monthly appointment!  My husband got to come at the last-minute, he tries to when he can but mostly is working at those times, so it was such a fun surprise to have him there!  We laugh because our friends, who go to the same doctor, just had their first baby & I would always run into them there.  Her husband was always with her, notepad in hand taking down every word, & I was the knocked-up girl all by myself rushing out to pick up my toddler. #secondchildproblems

Also, as we were leaving, they reminded me that I would have one more appointment in three weeks & then we were going to two-week appointments, then weekly appointments until she gets here. WHAT?!!  I really was shocked that I am far enough along for all this, I feel like I counted down for that moment with Waverly & then this time, hadn’t even thought that it could be near!  That totally was a reality check kind of moment for me, an exciting one, but definitely a shocking one!

Miss Anything:  Getting up & down without losing my breath.  I’m pretty sure I said the same thing last week, but the struggle is REAL!  I am scared for when I am bigger.

Movement:  Oh yes, & Waverly finally got to feel it!  My belly moves up & down to the point where you can watch the dance party, it’s the cutest!!  My husband said he came home from working overnight the other night/morning, I was sleeping but he could see & feel baby girl wide awake! 🙂

Cravings:  Yogurt, granola, potatoes, & chinese food.  I have been seriously dreaming of a date to the hibachi grill.

Queasy or Sick:  I am still having migraines often, some days are worse than others.  The pain is worth it, but I cannot wait to take my normal migraine medicine (which takes them away within minutes) after June!

Looking Forward To:  So many things! 🙂  Warmer weather, which we got a glimpse of this week, & the spring holidays that come with it, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, & Mother’s Day!!  All of which I hope to make extra special since they will be our last as a family of three!  We also planned a small (very small) babymoon for over my spring break in a few weeks, we aren’t going far or for long, but I am really looking forward to some alone time with the hubs before we are parents to TWO baby girls!

PS – Sorry this update is one day later than usual, as I feared, Waverly passed down the flu to me.  It has been brutal (to say the least), we are hoping the worst is finally behind us.  Hope you all had the best weekend & a great start to the week!