Happy May, I can’t believe it!!  Only time will tell whether we will have a May or June girl, but this very well could be BABY MONTH for us! 🙂  We are so unbelievably excited to be in the home stretch, & only a little bit scared.  Most of all, I can’t wait to hold our newest baby girl in my arms within the next few weeks ahead, it gives me butterflies just thinking about it!

My maternity leave officially kicks off today, which much like May arriving, is the biggest reality check.  Even though we’ve been counting down to this forever, it really came out of no where & it doesn’t feel possible that it’s here.  I have spent my week doing lesson plans for my substitute & packing my stuff at school, all while thinking that the next time I’m here, it will be as a mom of two kids!  Crazy.  A lot of people have asked what my plans are for Waverly & I while we wait her sister’s arrival, & honestly, it’s a whole lot of nothing.  I’m excited to spend some quality time together at home & to give my body some much needed rest.  Waverly really has been the sweetest lately, holding my hand when we are walking (I must look like I am struggling), & always asking how I am feeling, I couldn’t be happier to get some extra alone time with her.

Speaking of Waverly, because I never do that, I had my first real pregnancy meltdown/cry-fest this week.  I was giving her a bath & the Taylor Swift song “Never Grow Up” came on.  I lost it.  I couldn’t stop watching her innocently playing with her toys in the water while thinking of how fast this time will go, & also, how time will go just as fast, probably faster, with our second baby girl.  Thankfully my husband came in & I had to get myself together, but it wasn’t long before Waverly asked me “who baby sister’s mommy was going to be” that I lost it again.   These hormones are real & I am convinced they are getting bigger as my belly does.

Really though, I might die when I see these girls together, I already have dreams about it every night.

And a maternity photo sneak peek!  I already shared one on Instagram, one of our family shots, but wanted to share one more!  After years of doing photo shoots at every location in Virginia Beach besides the beach, we decided to go for it this time.  I honestly have always gone for something different since I grew up here & wanted something unique, but recently remembered how lucky we are to have such beautiful scenery! 🙂  Plus, we all three adore the beach, especially Waverly, so its represents us so well.

Waverly LOVED our time there & I am so excited to share some of the candids of her, they show her playful, fun personality perfectly!  My mom came and took her early so besides our family shots, we have lots of just my husband & I, something we haven’t done in forever.  I can’t wait to share more soon, the biggest thank you to our sweet friend Brooke of Brooke Tucker Photography for capturing these beautiful images, once again!

Happy weekend, friends!


Dress:  TJ Maxx, Jewelry:  Rocksbox

Size of Baby Brickner:  A coconut, baby girl is growing & so am I!  A sweet little girl at school the other day said, “wow, you look like you are going to pop”, it was the day after I got the favorite comment of pregnant ladies everywhere, “it’s gotta be any day now, right?”.  No, actually five more weeks, thanks. 😉

Maternity Clothes:  Dresses of all kinds, maxis are a go-to since my other dresses are getting shorter by the minute.  I’m really not trying to be that scandalous pregnant girl, but the bump is just getting bigger & therefore, the dresses are getting smaller!
In other fashion news, I am super excited to be working with Rocksbox, a website dedicated to borrowing jewelry before you buy it!   Rocksbox insiders are sent a box of jewelry each month with the option to borrow, buy, or swap it at any time. I love, love the idea of this!  I can sometimes be a indecisive shopper, especially when it comes to jewelry since I don’t wear that much of it, so I feel like buying it is a really big commitment.  I was able to take a “style test” online before they sent me my first box, & ended up loving all three pieces that they sent me!  I have worn this bracelet almost everyday since, it’s so versatile & I have gotten so many compliments.

I’m excited to share the other pieces very soon, the earrings ended up being perfect for my maternity photos! If you are interested, you can try it out yourself, sign up here & use the code vbschoolsxoxo for your first month free!
Best Moment This Week:  Packing our hospital bags, putting baby girl’s first outfit in there was so exciting! I wondered if the feelings would be the same even though this is our second time doing all of this, yet they totally are (maybe even more since we know what to expect now).  Waverly asked this week if her baby sister would be staying a while, “yes honey, forever.”  Pure craziness.

Miss Anything:  The same stuff, my body is literally a train wreck by the end of a long day.  Sleep is hit or miss, the peeing thing really makes for an eventful night & I have never been good at falling back asleep once I am up.  I do know, & remember well, this is all just preparing me for those newborn nights ahead!!

Movement:  I had a day where I hadn’t felt her much, & of course I freaked out so I ended up with a non-stress test at my doctor’s office.  Thankfully she moved during the test, especially after I drank some water & ate something.  I have another test this afternoon just to be on the safe side, but of course I have felt her a ton since then, so I already feel so much better!

Cravings:  Sweets all the way!!!  Other than dessert, my appetite is so weird, trying to pick what I want to eat is still very much a challenge lately.

Queasy or Sick:  A few migraines, but feeling good!

Looking Forward To:  Am I allowed to say meeting baby girl yet?!! 🙂  Really though, our baby-que is this weekend & I am really excited to celebrate our newest addition with sweet family & friends, and so thankful for my mom, sister, & other family members who are helping plan this for us!
Happy week ahead!

Dress, TJ Maxx
Size of Baby:  A cantaloupe, my books says that on average, baby girl should weigh about 4 & a half pounds now!!  I’m getting so anxious & ridiculously excited to see her sweet face.  By this point with Waverly, we had a recent ultrasound & this time, we haven’t had one since 20 weeks and it’s killing me!  We considered paying for a 4D one just to be able to see her, but ultimately decided to save the money since we will be meeting her so soon.  I’ve totally wanted to go back on that decision about fifty times! 🙂

Maternity Clothes:  I’m still living in anything stretchy & comfortable, mainly dresses since even my maternity leggings are tight as this point.  I bought some new pajamas that are just a nightie so I don’t have to wear shorts anymore to sleep (they were cutting off my circulation), & have worn them every single night since.  I was almost embarrassed when my husband saw them for about the twelfth night in a row, then I remembered I’m 34 weeks pregnant with his second kid.  Enough said. 😉

Best Moment This Week:  So much nursery progress, it actually looks like a real room now which is SO very exciting!!  I organized all of Waverly’s newborn & 3/6 months clothes into our new dresser, it was so surreal looking at the clothes again.  I can’t believe how itty bitty they are or that we will have another little girl to put them in so very soon!  My husband also finished the closet, plus we set up both the rug & put sheets on the bed!  We still have to hang frames on the walls & accessorize, but here is a look at the pallet wall my husband finished a few weeks ago!!

Miss Anything:  It’s pretty much the same as last week, the pains in my legs are still around & brutal, as well as a belly that is large, sore, & hard as a rock.  I have had so many braxton hicks lately that I’m starting to wonder if this little girl will be a arrive a little bit earlier than her sister (who was late & induced).  And don’t even get me started on my bladder, I literally can’t go thirty minutes without a trip to the bathroom. So yes, some of these parts of pregnancy make me miss having my body all to myself, but I really can’t complain too much, as always, I couldn’t feel luckier to have had two healthy pregnancies so far!

Movement:  Her movements have definitely slowed down & feel different, but when she does, it shakes my entire belly!

Cravings:  Smoothies, yogurt, ice cream.  And sleep. 😉

Queasy or Sick:  Other than the symptoms above, feeling good & excited as ever!!

Looking Forward To:  There are so many fun things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks, our maternity pictures next weekend & our baby-q the following one, then my maternity leave begins!!  By that point, I am sure I will be more ready than ever to slow down & spend some time as a family of three before the big day!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Last week was crazy with spring break, I didn’t get to post my 32 week update but did manage a picture so I thought I would share both updates today!  I cannot even believe we only have seven weeks to go, time is going by faster than ever & we are getting more excited for our family to grow by the minute! 
Size of Baby Brickner:  A cabbage.

Maternity Clothes:  The time has come, pants & I have officially parted ways until after baby girl is born. It’s dresses all day, everyday, from here on out, I am so thankful for spring weather so I can actually do that! The dress above is a maxi dress from Target (last season, similar here), non-maternity, it is so comfortable & stretchy, it’s one of my favorites!

Best Moment This Week:  Celebrating our last big holiday as a family of three, it is so surreal to think that we will have two little girls to do all of these holiday traditions with next year!  

Miss Anything:  I’m thankful that my sciatica hasn’t worsened too much, it still goes in & out but I am still able to function! 🙂  What I miss most is being able to hold Waverly or keep up with her like I used to, she is going through a phase where she wants me to hold her often & I feel so bad when I can’t.  Also, bending down to pick up toys off the floor might just be the most painful thing ever, sometimes I’m not sure I am going to make it back up.

Movement:  Yes & love it!!!!  Her movements seem to be slowing down some, I’m thinking she may possibly be running out of room in there?!

Cravings:  Sweets mainly, strawberries are my favorite & I can’t get enough (which is so funny because that is the total opposite of how I felt first trimester!).

Queasy or Sick:  Neither, feeling very tired by the end of the day but other than that, feeling good!

Looking Forward To:  My mom & sister sent out the invitations this week for a celebration they are having for our little lady, it is a baby-q the first weekend of May! 🙂  I really didn’t feel like we needed a shower, especially since we are having another girl, but am excited that this baby will have a celebration all of her own, just like Waverly Maye did!!  

Size of Baby Brickner:  A coconut.

Maternity Clothes:  I’m still wearing lots of dresses that can work after the baby is born, & love, love this one above from Forever 21.  It’s so roomy that it still works for the belly but can definitely work after!

Best Moment This Week:  We have had so many highlights this week, because of spring break I’ve gotten so much extra time with Waverly & have been able to get lots done around the house.  My husband & I also had our “babymoon” (if I’m allowed to call it that?!), a night kid-free & then a day trip to Ikea!!  We got a couple things for the nursery, for Waverly’s big girl room, & for the girls playroom!  I’m excited to share progress soon!

Miss Anything:  Just being mobile, I definitely think this pregnancy has been harder on my body than the first.  I’m not sure if that’s just the nature of a second pregnancy or the fact that I’m running after a toddler, but my body just feels worn out right now.

Movement:  Yes. my favorite!! 🙂

Cravings: Sweets for the win!  I love eating them & feeling how much this little lady will move around after!

Queasy or Sick:  Neither, but I have had the craziest heartburn this time around (especially lately), which I don’t remember ever having with Waverly. 

Looking Forward To:  Finishing some details in the nursery & pulling down all of the baby gear we have been storing!!!  My maternity leave also begins soon, I’m hoping for a little rest & time with my oldest girl before life officially changes for all (four) of us!

Hope you all had a great weekend, we’ve had a busy week so I haven’t been able to comment as much as I normally like, but please know I am doing my best to keep up with everyone!

Size of Baby Brickner:  A pineapple!

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes, all the time!  Even a few items I bought early on are starting to get tight on this big belly.  The shirt above is from Target, hoping to get some use out of it now & then once baby girl is here!

Best Moment This Week:  More Easter celebrating with Waverly, she is so much fun to do these kinds of things with right now!  And we got a few new baby girl purchases, a pair of the sweetest moccasins & her take-home outfit!  It’s getting real, friends.

Miss Anything:  I really try not to be a complainer, especially when it comes to pregnancy since I feel beyond fortunate to have had two healthy pregnancies so far, but this week has been really challenging for my body.  I woke up Monday morning with shooting pains down my right leg, I had a charlie horse that night (which I get often), so I thought it was a result of that or that I had just slept weird.  Long story short, they never went away & by Tuesday they had only gotten worse.  In addition to the pains, both my leg and foot were going numb on & off.  It definitely seems to be a textbook case of sciatica, which I never got with Waverly, but apparently this baby girl has found a spot she loves right on a nerve.  My doctor said that though it won’t affect the baby at all (which is ultimately what I care about most), it probably is here to stay & may continue to get worse, possibly even moving into the other leg.  So far that has been the case, especially after being on my feet at work & then coming to chase after a toddler. I’ve had several moments where I really could hardly walk (& convinced myself I would be in a wheel chair before long), but then others that I felt lots better.  So for now, I am taking it day by day & just feeling happy that baby girl is as healthy as ever!

Movement:  Her movement hasn’t changed at all, lots of kicks & rolls, I love them all!

Cravings:  I have a total sweet tooth lately, & the Easter candy is not helping it!

Queasy or Sick:  Other than my leg issues, feeling good – no nausea & that makes me happy.

Looking Forward To:  My spring break!!  It officially kicks off this Friday & I am super excited! We have plans for a one-night babymoon, nothing crazy but just a little getaway while my parents keep Waverly overnight.  We are also going to make a day trip to Ikea, it’s three hours away from us but we still need a dresser for the nursery & this one would be perfect! 🙂

Lastly, I feel like I share stories like these often, but they are exactly the things I want to remember one day.  As soon as our bedtime routine hits each night, Waverly wants to know exactly what we are doing the next day (planner like mama?).  The other night she asked & I told her about our Easter Egg Hunt, then of course I had to go through the list of people who were coming.  I told her Juliette was coming, she is my friend’s one month old daughter.  Waverly immediately asked if she could hold her & I said “probably, and you know who you are going to get to hold lots really soon, your baby sister!.”  Her eyes got huge, she had the happiest face ever, & she said, “I am SO excited”.  Seriously, I could have died.  Then she asked me (for about the tenth time) if she would be able to walk & then said “I think I’m going to text her right now.  Can I have her number?”.
Hope you had a lovely weekend!