This post is probably better titled, “Waverly’s Big Girl Room, Minus the Big Girl Bed.”  We do have a bed for Waverly, we got it passed down to us & are so excited (plus still slightly scared) to try it out very soon.  The reason we have waited this long is because she has always been such a good sleeper, she loves her crib, & up until a few weeks ago, we have really never had issues with sleep.  Thankfully, the week when she was jumping out of the crib was short-lived, that phase seems to have passed & we are back on a better schedule again.  Thanks for all your big bed transition tips, we definitely plan to use them & I hope to be updating on the final part of her new room soon. 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the updates we have made in the last few months!  When we bought our house, we made some changes to Waverly’s room as we moved in & have been working on a few projects here & there ever since.  I am kind of scared of color on walls, I tend to go with more neutrals & add pops of color in decor.  I am so in love with gold & thought that would be the perfect accent to everything pink we already had. 

My parents got us this pink recliner (from Target) when I was pregnant, it’s crazy the amount of memories we already have made in it during the last two years.  I know a recliner doesn’t really belong in a big girl room, but I still read to Waverly every single night in it so I can’t part with it just yet.  I know once she has a bed I can lay there to read to her, but I also kind of love still holding her in the recliner like I have since she was a newborn.

Storage is key for us, with so many clothes, shoes, & accessories it can get unorganized really quickly.  I feel like I have played around with so many ways to keep her (over the top) amount of fashion in some sort of organization that makes it easy to find things when we need them.  We got this ikea cart a while ago, I loved it & had to have it even though they didn’t have a color to match Waverly’s room.  You can never go wrong with teal, right?!  We keep some of her boots & socks there, the rest of her shoes are in drawers or in racks that are actually meant for cans in a pantry.  Waverly also has her own dress-up basket for play & the book shelf we bought to paint white for her second birthday.

And because I have to mention it again, it’s been the biggest life-changer for us!  The $30 we spent for the nightlight a couple weeks ago was the best money we have ever spent, even though Waverly had stopped jumping out of the crib she was still completely scared of the dark.  We had gone two weeks with her sleeping in a brightly lit room until we finally decided to try a different, brighter nightlight.  It covers her room in stars which she loves, but even better, it changes color when you push a button.  I knew the color-changing thing would ultimately win over her fashion heart. 😉  She is completely obsessed, now every night she begs us to turn off the light, we are all so excited to have made progress on this one!

I’m really excited about all the updates we have made & most of all, love that Waverly’s shiny, radiant personality is reflected in her room. 🙂

Tassel Garland/Wall Letters/Dresser (Refinished with Gold Knobs)/Gold Tray & Baskets (Target In-Store)/Elephant Piggy Bank,Pillow & Wall Baskets (Home Goods)/Printable Wall Art/Humidifier/Gold Confetti Curtains/Cart/Bookshelf