First things first, I hope you all had the absolute best weekend, celebrating the special ladies in your life!  Mamas, I hope you were spoiled rotten, just as you should have been.  And a big congratulations to Allison Skinner, who won our huge giveaway on Instagram, $250 to Nordstrom & a Land of the Nod teepee. 🙂

Our weekend was busy, but so much fun, just the way we like it!  My mother-in-law’s wish for her day was to take all of her grandkids to the living museum, so we headed there early Saturday morning.  Waverly loved it, I somehow walked my pregnant self through the entire thing, & it resulted in a 3 hour nap.
Total win.

Sunday morning, I opened my cards from my husband & both girls, then was so excited to get my new metal flowers that my hubby made me for Mother’s Day!  I asked him a few weeks ago for some new ones, tulips that he spray painted gold, I love them (& him) so much.
I am planning to add them to our mantle (in these vases I just got & adore), but in the meantime, they made the perfect centerpiece for brunch we hosted for my mom, grandmother & other members of my side of the family.  We did a yogurt bar, donuts, an egg casserole, and bacon.  So much bacon! 🙂
Cake Stand
The forecast called for showers all day, but it randomly ended up being nice which was the best surprise.  We spent some time outside at our house before heading down to the beach, we don’t all get to go to the together that often so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  On our way home, we picked up dinner & then went for frozen yogurt.  Can it please be mother’s day weekend more than once a year?!
I have to admit that I was sad when I woke up Monday & it was over, it was truly the best.
Waverly’s Dress, My Dress – H&M, In Store

And this story, because all is well that ends well & it was a huge part of our weekend.  On Friday night, we were getting ready to put Waverly to bed when we realized that our yellow lab had gotten out & had been gone for over an hour.  We all freaked out, my husband left to look for him in the fifteen minutes of daylight we had left while I stayed & tried to calm down a distraught Waverly who was crying uncontrollably.  I tried to get her to sleep, which was a total lost cause, she kept saying “but he is my buddy” & before I knew it, we were both laying there crying together.  Fast forward two hours (Waverly was still crying), my husband was at the store making copies for flyers & thankfully, my mom told me about a “next door” app that you can post those sorts of things on.  As soon as I logged on, there was a post about a found lab, our Bogger! 🙂  My dad went & picked him up for us, I wish I could have recorded Waverly’s face when he pulled up, it was priceless & made all of the nightmare of the few hours before it go away.

Thankful isn’t even the word for the sweet couple who got our dog, we would probably be in therapy right now if it wasn’t for them.  Waverly & I are definitely delivering them cookies this week!

Just a quick update today, followed by a fun sneak peek into our plans for baby girl’s nursery! 🙂

Size of Baby Brickner:  The size of an eggplant!

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, plus some of my pj’s are as tight as ever.  I found myself headed to my husband’s drawer the other night out of desperation, I’m thinking I need to invest in a few more to last me the thirteen weeks ahead!

Best Moment This Week:  Baby girl has been moving so much lately, my hubby, Waverly & I have a new ritual of feeling her move & talking with her every night.  Also, we were at the mall & Waverly said, “we have to find a new outfit for my baby sister, ok?!”.  I just know she is going to be so sweet with her & it couldn’t make me happier! 🙂

Miss Anything:  Getting up & down comfortably.  Bending down to pick up after Waverly these days is brutal, sometimes I really wonder if I am going to make my way back up again.

Movement:  Yes, & she feels LOW in there as ever, which has to be why I have to pee every ten minutes (or sooner).  It’s still my favorite though, feeling her move will never, ever get old & is hands down my favorite part of pregnancy!! 

Cravings:  A lot of the same, just on a rotation of seriously starving & then seriously full!

Queasy or Sick:  No, but the exhaustion is starting to creep it’s way back in, which I am hoping is not a sign for the third trimester right around the corner.

Looking Forward To:  More progress on the nursery in the few weeks ahead!  Now that Waverly’s bed is done & she is fully transitioned, we are as focused as ever on baby girl’s room & I am excited to share some of our inspiration!  Even before we knew that this babe was a girl, we planned to do a wood pallet wall for the nursery.  My husband & I both love the one we did in our downstairs, so I thought it would be such a fun way to highlight the wall where we put the crib!  Since then we have decided to go with mint as the main pop of color, I have always loved it, it is such a sweet shade of blue that has the best vintage, feminine feel.  Of course, we are throwing in shades of gold (because I always throw in shades of gold, I don’t think I know how not to!), & finally, are painting the walls grey to contrast with the bright white crib & dresser that we are currently on the hunt for.  I have found some fun accessories over the last couple of months & it’s all starting to come together, especially since my husband just finished putting the wall up over the weekend.  I hope to share some pictures of our progress soon! 🙂
Tassel Garland, Pillow, Changing Pad Cover

Wishing you all a happy week!

We are almost two weeks into our big girl bed transition, and still going strong with Waverly sleeping in her bed during both naps & bedtime with zero issues at all! 🙂  I am still a little shocked every single time, although clearly I should have given her more credit, girlfriend is rocking this whole thing like she could have done this months ago.  I am so proud of her & only a little emotional over what a big girl she is acting like these days!

 My husband starting making Waverly’s bed right after Christmas, which was about the same time we started talking to her about it, showing her the bed through the construction process & telling her about the transition pretty much once a day.  We explained to her for weeks that she would be passing her crib down to her little sister, which she seemed really excited about.  I’m hoping the same excitement sticks around when baby girl gets here, fingers crossed! 😉
We decided to make the move on a Friday so we both didn’t have to work the next day, we honestly were fully prepared for a long, sleepless night (which we might as well start getting used to again, anyways).  She was a little confused when both her bed & glider were no longer in her room, but we did our best to make all the other parts of our bedtime routine exactly the same.  I read her books in her bed instead of the glider, & since it was night one, stayed laying with her for a little while after we turned the lights out.  When I left she was still awake, but perfectly fine, & fell asleep like usual within minutes.  My husband & I were both completely shocked!  I kept waiting to be woken up in the middle of the night by either footsteps, her standing over me because she magically found her way out of the room, or her closet thrown around in complete chaos, but she slept entirely through the night.
Since then, naps & bedtime have gone the same way, and I honestly think she loves going to sleep more than ever before.  Our biggest issue is her jumping on the bed, which she loves to do, but will only do it while we are in her room before she goes to sleep, never once after I have turned the lights out.  I’m guessing she either doesn’t realize she is even able to get out of the bed herself, or has just decided to follow directions, both of which seriously blow my mind! 😉 
My husband made the bed entirely himself!  He started using a plan but then when we realized it didn’t fit the sheets I had already bought, threw the plan out the window and did the rest all on his own, through trial & error.  The bed is made out of pine & ash, all bought from Home Depot or Lowe’s, and bead board was used for the head & foot board.  The last part of the process was obviously painting it white, he used a child-friendly paint to pair with the fact that everything in the bed was entirely real wood, nothing processed.  
I am amazed at what he was able to do!  My hormones had me annoyed halfway through the process when I just wished we had a bought a bed instead (so we could move on to the other parts of our house project & nursery list), but I couldn’t love it more and am so, so thankful to have something so special in our family for years to come!
The sheets are from Pottery Barn Kids, we got them forever ago & love them, I had been waiting to be able to put them to good use!  I am currently looking for some sort of quilt or blanket & extra throw pillows as well, I love this pom blanket or something else with a pop of pink to match her room.  For now, we put extra pillows down her bed to make sure she is safe if she falls, but are going to look into these bumpers or something else like it for the future.  Waverly doesn’t move much when she sleeps, but I definitely want something just in case, this was the first time I have even been brave enough to give her an actual pillow or sheets (we used the breathable blankets before)!  So any other suggestions are appreciated! 🙂
And lastly, here is my first post on Waverly’s big girl room, with links to everything!  I hope this was at least a little bit helpful to someone, I know how much we relied on posts like this before we made the move!

I wanted to fit in one more post before the craziness of the holiday season officially hits tomorrow, we really have so much to be thankful for this year & I wanted to thank YOU for being a part of it.  Your constant support of our family means so much to me, this community is the best, so supportive & incredibly inspiring.  I truly am thankful to be a part of it.

Also on the list of things to be thankful for, a few days off with my babe.  We kicked off our holiday shopping this past weekend, we went to the mall where Waverly informed me that she is “scared of Santa” but that she would like him to bring her anything that has to do with Sesame Street or Elmo.  Also, I got her a chocolate milk kids Starbucks cup & she was so very proud, calling it her “coffee”.  My mini-me, I couldn’t love her more.

We celebrated our annual friendsgiving over the weekend, one of my favorite traditions with my close friends!  I love that each year we keep getting bigger, adding more babies & bellies to the mix!  Definitely a reason to celebrate. 🙂

We made these sausage balls (a recipe passed down to us from my sister-in-law), I thought I would share for anyone who needs a last-minute, easy to make & delicious appetizer for the holiday weekend.  The ingredients are one tube of jimmy dean sausage, one small bottle of ranch, one package of colby jack cheese & a package of filo shells.
Cook the sausage, drain it (without rinsing it), then put back in the pan with the ranch & cheese.  Mix together before filling the filo shells with it & finally, bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

Disclaimer, they are amazing & super addicting.  Don’t be ashamed to eat more than your fair share, we all did.

Wishing you & yours the HAPPIEST Thanksgiving!!

This post is probably better titled, “Waverly’s Big Girl Room, Minus the Big Girl Bed.”  We do have a bed for Waverly, we got it passed down to us & are so excited (plus still slightly scared) to try it out very soon.  The reason we have waited this long is because she has always been such a good sleeper, she loves her crib, & up until a few weeks ago, we have really never had issues with sleep.  Thankfully, the week when she was jumping out of the crib was short-lived, that phase seems to have passed & we are back on a better schedule again.  Thanks for all your big bed transition tips, we definitely plan to use them & I hope to be updating on the final part of her new room soon. 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the updates we have made in the last few months!  When we bought our house, we made some changes to Waverly’s room as we moved in & have been working on a few projects here & there ever since.  I am kind of scared of color on walls, I tend to go with more neutrals & add pops of color in decor.  I am so in love with gold & thought that would be the perfect accent to everything pink we already had. 

My parents got us this pink recliner (from Target) when I was pregnant, it’s crazy the amount of memories we already have made in it during the last two years.  I know a recliner doesn’t really belong in a big girl room, but I still read to Waverly every single night in it so I can’t part with it just yet.  I know once she has a bed I can lay there to read to her, but I also kind of love still holding her in the recliner like I have since she was a newborn.

Storage is key for us, with so many clothes, shoes, & accessories it can get unorganized really quickly.  I feel like I have played around with so many ways to keep her (over the top) amount of fashion in some sort of organization that makes it easy to find things when we need them.  We got this ikea cart a while ago, I loved it & had to have it even though they didn’t have a color to match Waverly’s room.  You can never go wrong with teal, right?!  We keep some of her boots & socks there, the rest of her shoes are in drawers or in racks that are actually meant for cans in a pantry.  Waverly also has her own dress-up basket for play & the book shelf we bought to paint white for her second birthday.

And because I have to mention it again, it’s been the biggest life-changer for us!  The $30 we spent for the nightlight a couple weeks ago was the best money we have ever spent, even though Waverly had stopped jumping out of the crib she was still completely scared of the dark.  We had gone two weeks with her sleeping in a brightly lit room until we finally decided to try a different, brighter nightlight.  It covers her room in stars which she loves, but even better, it changes color when you push a button.  I knew the color-changing thing would ultimately win over her fashion heart. 😉  She is completely obsessed, now every night she begs us to turn off the light, we are all so excited to have made progress on this one!

I’m really excited about all the updates we have made & most of all, love that Waverly’s shiny, radiant personality is reflected in her room. 🙂

Tassel Garland/Wall Letters/Dresser (Refinished with Gold Knobs)/Gold Tray & Baskets (Target In-Store)/Elephant Piggy Bank,Pillow & Wall Baskets (Home Goods)/Printable Wall Art/Humidifier/Gold Confetti Curtains/Cart/Bookshelf