TGIF, everyone!!  We are so, so glad to see Friday roll around, my husband had an overnight job this week which kept him working through the night three days in a row.  The change from our normal routine was hard on all of us (I have so much respect for all of you who do that all of the time!), we are in desperate need of some good family time this weekend!  Other than a kids birthday party, we have no plans but to relax & get some things done around the house, I can’t wait! 🙂

  Waverly is the absolute cutest with her babies lately, between her imagination & her motherly instincts, I could just watch her with them all day long.  She talks to them all of the time, saying “oh baby, why are you so sad, I will rock you so you won’t cry”, or when they apparently aren’t drinking their milk as she feeds them, “baby, drink your milk or you are going to time-out”, & maybe my favorite, “baby, you look so beautiful”.  My mom got Waverly & one of her babes matching heart jammies for Christmas, I had been looking forward to dressing them alike ever since for some February fun!

Waverly’s face when she saw they were matching was priceless, she kept looking in the mirror while holding her little babe as proud as ever.  She wanted to take a picture, but only as long as baby could have her milk right beside her, in case she got thirsty.  And she of course needed her phone, because well, she always needs her phone.

Also, my hubby’s face at the sight of the matching jams was equally as entertaining, I think he just might be getting nervous about the matching outfits I may have planned for Waverly & her baby sister in the near future. 😉  Speaking of, I haven’t shopped at Crazy 8 for Waverly much, but my mom & I randomly stumbled upon the fact that all of their toddler girls clothes are 6 months to 5 years the other day!  I was so excited because a lot of what I have found for both girls doesn’t match with their three year age difference, Crazy 8 have some really cute stuff!  I am loving both this skirt & these leggings, which the girls could wear for (next) Valentines Day. 🙂

We celebrated Waverly’s half-birthday last weekend with half a cake, she of course loved it & has been singing to herself ever since.  We have lots of family members & friends with birthdays this time of year (real ones, not just half ones), so she has been having lots of practice with the song lately.  One of her current favorite past-times is to watch little kids sing happy birthday on you tube, if you have some extra time you should look them up, they are some very entertaining ones out there.

Headwrap, Cake Stand from TJ Maxx

Happiest weekend to you all!

Oh, what a week it has been, full of both the sweetest moments & others that put me in slight state of panic!  It all started when my husband called me Tuesday morning at work to let me know that the strap off  Waverly’s purse had broke.  I’ve mentioned before that she is obsessed with purses lately, she has one favorite & I’m convinced her addiction to it gets worse by the day.  She hoards things in there but doesn’t let us look in it, she freaks out if we even get close (two-nager). We do know that it has some sort of mix of granola bars & chapstick though, since we snuck a glance one time when she wasn’t looking.

So I was worried all day about her, which I should have been, since when I picked her up the tears immediately started rolling (like bucket tears) over her broken purse.  I seriously haven’t seen her cry like that or for so long since our newborn days, I felt so bad for her while at the same time, couldn’t help but almost laugh over the fact that our first huge meltdown in months was over an accessory.  She is my child, I should have known this was coming. 😉  Good news, we finally calmed her down, though it was touch & go for a while, & she currently has my mom’s old purse as a replacement until my mother-in-law sews the strap back on her ($2) favorite purse.

Also in happy news, we got some extra time together this week since I had off work Monday!  We went to the best breakfast place, had a date to Target, & I got lots more organizing done in the nursery!  I wish every Monday could be exactly like that, two days for a weekend is just never enough.

I am proud to announce that we have a new addition to the family, a beta fish named Norman!  My brother took Waverly for a lunch date last weekend so we could get some work done around the house, a couple hours later they showed back up with a fish, food, & a fish bowl.  I was so appreciative.  Waverly was thrilled, she adores her uncle anyways, then the fact that he bought her a living animal pretty much sealed the deal that he is her favorite for life. 😉  We are currently working on teaching Waverly that we don’t “mix Norman” like we do cake batter, she really wants to take our big kitchen spoons & give him an extra spin.

No family photos of Norman yet, just Waverly & her first pet (& bestie), Bogger.

Sweater (Zara, Last Season) & Boots
Finally, I have a couple favorites from this week, two from two of my favorite bloggers!  I ordered this headwrap after reading about it on Erin’s blog, we have a couple headwraps but I love the chambay on this one, it’s so versatile!  A food favorite, these no-bake energy bites from Megan, she had me at “no-bake”. 😉  I have the weirdest appetite lately, pregnancy related for sure, so this seems easy enough to bring with me when I am starving & nothing looks appetizing, plus I know Waverly will like them, too.

Happy weekend, friends!

Happiest Friday, friends!!  It’s been such a great week, made even better by the fact that today kicks off a three day weekend. 🙂

Bright & early Monday morning, we had our big, 20 week ultrasound to check on our littlest lady.  I am always a little nervous at these appointments, so it was the best feeling to get such great news!!  Our girl is healthy, growing, & moving around in there like crazy!  The ultrasound tech said “she is as good as it gets”, which was all I needed to hear!  Waverly Maye came with my mom & I, I definitely think it made everything a little more more real for her.  She kept asking to hear her heartbeat & at one point, started waving & saying “hi baby sister”.  It was at same moment the screen showed her little sister with her thumbs up, I seriously could have died from the cuteness!  Then of course, Waverly forgot all about the whole ultrasound or technician over me & instead begged us to let her listen to “All About That Bass” again.  

I also had my spa day, I was there four entire hours for a massage, facial, manicure & pedicure!  I really didn’t even know what to do with myself.  I never do things like this EVER, which was made very clear when the sweet girl doing my facial asked me when I had one last & I had to respond, “my last pregnancy”.  I think she could probably tell by the shape my skin was in. 😉
It really was so relaxing & the best way to re-energize, I feel like things like that are so hard to spend money on or to carve out the time for, yet ultimately, so worth it.  So honey, if you are reading, maybe we should make this a monthly thing?!

A little more about Waverly this week, she is turning into quite the character lately.  She gets smarter by the day, has totally figured out how to negotiate & is pretty damn good at it.  She keeps trying to extend her bedtime, we will be sitting in her room ready to put her down when she will say “I need to tell you something”, over & over again.  She goes into so many random stories & we can’t stop cracking up, I know she loves putting on a show for us.  Cake pops & popsicles are by far her current favorite foods, she will say “hooooow about you give me a cake pop & then I will say cheese?”.  Such a smart girl.

On the agenda for the weekend, a few birthday celebrations & hopefully getting lots of progress done on the nursery space.  I have my eye on this pillow (thanks, Elise!) & have recently started brainstorming bedding!  I also am so excited to get the girls some new headbands from Sadie Sky Boutique, my friend Jess just redesigned her website & introduced many new products.  Finally, we recently picked up this dress for Waverly to wear on Valentines Day, I can’t even believe how close it is!
Wishing you all a very happy long weekend!

Happy Friday!!  We are so ready for the weekend around here, I am hosting a shower for one of my best friends (& her baby girl) tomorrow, then it’s spa day Sunday, plus lots of family time in between!!  In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some of my current obsessions, the start of the new year brings so much goodness & there is LOTS to love out there right now. 🙂
1.  Gap’s baby & toddler spring line is totally killing it, has anyone else fallen in love with it like I have?!  Obsessed would be an understatement, the yellow & neutral colors speak my fashion language!  I have my eye on lots for both girls, especially this dress for Waverly Maye & this one for her little sister.
2.  I seriously cannot stop organizing or getting rid of things around the house right now, it’s that time of year, right?!  We are currently in the planning process of lots of house projects, there is so much to do before baby girl comes in five short months!  First on the list was to organize our playroom, I used these totes to get all of Waverly’s toys in some sort of order.  I swear I have a basket/tote addiction.
3.  One of my “resolutions” for 2015 was to get Waverly off the iphone, her addiction had gotten out of control & to the point that she was texting more people in my phone than I was. 😉  We went cold turkey, it was hard but she is doing really well now!  I am still letting her use the ipad, we downloaded lots of new apps & she loves them!  Some of our favorites are PBS Kids, Elmo 123, & the Coloring Game.   

4.  It is soup season at our house, we love to make soups this time of year since they are so easy & last a while!  I had a major fail last weekend, I attempted to make a pasta fagioli but instead made a bowl of mush. I accidentally turned the crock pot on warm instead of high, which apparently makes a really big difference. 😉  I am looking to redeem myself this weekend with this soup recipe, fingers crossed!

5.   Much like the rest of the country, we are FREEZING here in VB.  We got a few flurries the other day, but other than that, are crossing our fingers for some real snow.  I feel like if it’s going to be this cold, we should be rewarded with the pretty stuff! 🙂  In the meantime, we are dressing in layers upon layers, this Gap leopard coat my mom got for Waverly is a definite favorite & I have my eye on this one (on sale) from Zara for both girls next year!

6.  Oh, Valentine’s Day, we are already so excited for you!!  It is definitely one of our favorite holidays & we are really looking forward it this year.  I ordered Waverly this chair backer to give her some goodies soon, I can’t wait to hang it February 1st!

Wishing you all the happiest (& warmest) weekend!