It’s Fashion Friday & I’m super excited to share the set of headbands that I curated with Bumbelou Shop.  This is definitely one of my favorite collaborations ever, I know other girl moms can relate, bows are kind of a big deal at out house and it was amazing to be able to help on designing some!  Is it crazy to say, #lifegoals?! 😉

I knew right away that I wanted to do something purple, because still, one year & counting, it’s Waverly Maye’s “favorite color in the whole wide world”.  She currently has one purple shirt (it’s really hard to find purple!) and she asks to wear it!  And of course, I had to incorporate florals, the girls in matching floral headbands just melt me, so I paired that with a polka dot bow, a little bit of mixed prints, one of my favorite trends.

I am absolutely in love with how it turned out, Jenna did an amazing job of making my vision come to life and I only wish I had a pair of my own!

I have some images of the headbands in action, we’ve pretty much been wearing them non-stop!  Waverly in her big sister role just kills me, she now refers to herself as “mom” and won’t let her “sweet girl” down.  Which can be interesting.  And Avalon’s little face looking at Waverly.

I just can’t.

The last one is definitely my favorite.

The biggest thank you to Jenna for working with me on this, her entire shop is absolutely adorable and I love the fact that she gives 10% back to children in need with all of her sales.  You can see her shop here & here is the link to purchase the headband set, you can get 10% off using the code SAVEWITHASHLEY.  Happy shopping, the set will only be available through Sunday!

And happy, happy weekend! Thank you again for your kind words and support this week, it really means so, so, so much!  Truly!  XO

Happy Friday, friends. hope you have had the most wonderful week!!  We’ve been busy with spring cleaning & organizing over here, I officially got the motivation to do it and usually when that happens, I can’t stop won’t stop until it’s done.  So you know, I’ve been drinking way too much coffee and going through both the girls closets & my own like a mad woman.  We packed away some, consigned some, took some to the goodwill, which means we made room for so.much.NEW.  I feel like it’s only fair after all that hard work, right?!

The newest shoes to the girls closets are from Piper Finn and officially my favorite ever. I was sold at the mention of leopard and then the fact that they had a pair for both Waverly & Avalon, it was just too good to be true. 😉  We are in love!!

I’m a strong believer that leopard goes with anything, especially on kids who obviously can pull off even what big people can’t, so these shoes have pretty much been on repeat since Piper Finn graciously sent them over a couple of weeks ago.  Not only are they super cute, but they are so comfy for little ones, which we all know is a make or break it type of thing.  Avalon’s stay on her feet (can I get an amen?!), and Waverly can put them on herself, so these are seriously the best.  We truly couldn’t love them anymore.

In addition to the leopard, they have so many fun options!  We love the blush and boy mamas, what about these camo?  Too much cute.

Be sure to follow @piperfinnbaby on Instagram for new styles & promos, I know you will love them as much as we do!  And wishing you all the happiest weekend! XO

I am forever thankful that my talented, amazing friend Brooke came into our life a couple years ago, right when I found out I was pregnant with Avalon.  She has not only captured so many memories of our growing family that I truly will cherish forever, but she has become someone I can talk to about anything.  She is one of those people who has just the most positive energy & lifts you up no matter what, and as a mom, I don’t think there is anyone else more important to surround yourself with.

Also, she loves my girls & she comes with donuts. so there’s that, too.

My DressPillowComforter
Sorry for the total picture overload, but believe it or not, these were just my faves!  The biggest thank you ever to Brooke of Brooke Tucker Photography to coming over to play with us girls and for sending over so many images that we are just obsessed with.  We love you so, so much!  XO

TGIF!  It’s been a long week around here, we have had a teething babe & a big sister who just can’t seem to kick her sickness.  You know the kinds of nights when you have walked in and out of your kids rooms so many times that you just give up and let everyone climb into one big bed together?!  That happened more than once this week, and while some extra cuddles were nice, we are seriously lacking some sleep and it’s definitely time to roll right into that weekend. 🙂

I’m sharing one of my very favorite shops for Fashion Friday this week, it’s full of headbands and bows for the little ladies and you know how happy that makes me!  Emmy’s Pretties has some of the most adorable, girly goodness around, the owner Molly sent Waverly & Avalon some of her spring collection a few weeks back and they have quickly become a go-to for us.

Avalon’s Purple WrapAvalon’s Pink WrapWaverly’s Bow

I love the fun wraps on sweet little Avalon’s head, she does have light hair but it’s hard to see so we are all about adding a little fun!  Waverly loves the bows, she is so into accessories these days & likes to put them in “all by myself!  because I am big mommy!”.

My favorites of all are this matching set for both girls!

Molly is so sweet to offer 30% to you all starting now through Monday at midnight.  Just use the code BRICKNER30 & enjoy!  You can also enter below to win a $25 store credit, this giveaway begins now and will run until Sunday night.  Winners of both giveaways from this week will be announced next Monday, hope you all have the most wonderful weekend!  XO

Another weekend down & we are crazy close to March, where is this year going already?!  I thought I would start off the week with a few pictures I have been meaning to share forever, they are some of my favorites of all time because they show Waverly’s true love of animals and her sweet, sweet heart!  Also, little dogs & little babes, is there anything cuter? 

We did not get another dog, one yellow lab & two kids is more than enough to handle at the moment, Chloe is my parents dog and Waverly is just obsessed with her.  We totally pull the “if you do this, then you can go see Chloe today” card all the time, and we even facetime my mom more than once a day just so Waverly can see her.  It’s so precious, even if Chloe doesn’t always feel the love back.
In other news, this weekend was absolutely beautiful, I can’t even believe we were beaching it less than one week after we were out in the snow.  But I’ll take it! 🙂

For anyone looking for a new maxi dress as the weather is warming up, this one I am wearing (& just got recently!) is perfect and the best part, it’s less than $30!  The color is so versatile and it’s super comfy, perfect for running after little ones.  Happy week ahead, friends! XO