The first work week of 2017 is (almost) over, we made it, friends!!!  It was actually really nice to be back into a routine again, we all really do best that way and I always find that weekends are that much more exciting after a long week.  We are double excited about this weekend, SNOW is in the forecast and we are crossing our fingers that they actually got it right this time!  We’ve been doing snow dances non-stop and Waverly is begging to “make herself an ice queen”.  We really didn’t get much more than a dusting last year, so I would love to see both our little girls in the snow together this time around!

I thought I would share some things I have been loving lately, there’s nothing quite like curing your post-holiday blues with some new pretty things! 🙂  We have been replacing our reds & greens from Christmas with brights and pastels, it’s been so much fun to lighten up and has me all kinds of ready for spring.

This throw from Anthro is gorgeous, I can think of so many places that I would love to put it!!!  We recently got this quilt from there, I think I posted about it when we got it but haven’t shared how much we absolutely love it.  It is way more expensive than any of the comforters we have gotten before, but you can tell the difference so much!  It gets softer and even more beautiful with every wash, and already has held up to two kids jumping on it at least once a day.
My mom got me this book for Christmas, it’s specifically for moms, and basically you write one sentence at the end of each day.  I have loved this so far, it kind of goes along with choosing one positive part of each day no matter what, which I started doing a couple months back.  It really is amazing how doing this completely shifts your way of thinking, and helps remind you of how much goodness there is in this crazy season of life!  I really have a hard time picking just one sentence each night!
We are always looking to the next holiday over here, so Valentine’s Day brainstorming is under way!!!  I actually walked into Waverly bringing out the Valentine’s books in the playroom the other day, we have already been reading them each night!  I love these leggings, I got them for Waverly along with these tights for Avalon, and have been eyeing this countdown calendar, I know both girls would have so much fun with this!
And lastly, just a couple pictures to go along with the first!  We recently went ice skating, or actually Joe and Waverly went ice skating while the other half of the family watched, because Avalon was too little and I was the worst ever.  This was our second year in a row, Waverly had a really hard time last year (she got frustrated easily) but did much better this time around and it was precious!!!!  Also pictured, Avalon showing off her lips with a face stained from candy, how I will forever remember her from the holidays this year! 🙂

Wishing you a very warm, happy, fun-filled weekend!

Stopping in mid-week with some fun winter styles for both mama and babe!!!  Dressing two little girls is so much fun, I love finding creative ways to coordinate them.  I am always on the lookout for pieces that are versatile and budget-friendly, and also mix in a couple special pieces from small shops each season.  As for me, my wardrobe has changed so much in the past few years since becoming a mom, and even more so since switching over from high school to preschool.  I am all about comfort, while also still feeling somewhat put together and fashionable.  During the cold months, layering is my jam for all three of us, with solid, classic pieces mixed with prints and some fun accessories!
CardiganNecklace BootsNavy Dress Floral DressGrey SweaterGrey Tulle SkirtFringe BootsWhite Tulle Skirt
I am so in love with everything from Old Navy for the girls right now, their basic dresses are perfect for Waverly to wear to school and are cheap enough that I am not too worried about what happens to them!  The tulle skirts are our go-to, paired with tights and leotards during the winter, both girls love them to play dress-up around the house and they also look super cute to go out.  I’ve even found some versions for me, I recently pinned this article with some ideas on how to wear them.  A fun mama & mini matching moment for sure! 😉
For me, I love the idea of boots with a low heel, but also have been rocking converse more than I care to admit.  I was recently introduced to these sneakers, which are also so comfy & cute!!!  And a good cardigan which can be worn on repeat is everything.  If you are looking for a good read, I love this article with some more key pieces for women this winter.  Hope you are having a great week so far! XO

I’m just going to go ahead & start this post with a disclaimer that most days of the week, I am not wearing a super cute dress or heels.  That went away a long time ago when I became a mom, and the deal was sealed even more when I became a preschool teacher.  But!  On the nights that my husband and I sneak out for a date (approximately once a year), or when I work the weddings I plan, or any of the holidays we have coming up, I love to change it up and wear something special.  I think I appreciate it even more now that it doesn’t happen often so I have even more fun with it.  Today, I’m super excited to team up with Tahari ASL to share five of their fall dresses that are my favorites!!
OneTwo Three- Four Five
Number one definitely stole my heart the most, denim is just my go-to all of the time, I love how versatile it is!  You could even pair this dress with cute boots and a cardigan for a laid-back look.  I also LOVE number five, the combo of the formal look with the pockets is so fun!  Perfect for a wedding, really anytime of year. 🙂

To see more of their looks, you can visit the site here.  Hoping you are all having a wonderful week, Happy Friday Eve! XO

Happy, happy Friday friends!!!  We are welcoming the weekend with very open arms today, three of the four of us got sick this week so we have been rolling with lots of tissues and very little sleep.  On the upside, Waverly started back to dance class, she looked way too adorable in her tutu & little sister tagged along with a leotard of her own.  Always too, too cute!

Thought I would share a few of my fall fashion favorites at the moment, sometimes I wish everything wasn’t so cute!  I am convinced it gets better every single year.

Off The Shoulder TopPendant Necklace Peplum TopWedgesHat Tutu DressTights Embroidered DressMoccasins

I’ve had my eye on those wedges, they are perfect for looking halfway put together while running after kids, and they are super affordable!  Target does it again.

Lastly, I wanted to share one last favorite, the bento boxes I shared a picture of earlier this week.  They can be found here and are from Pottery Barn Kids, I have used them so much already and love them!  They are also currently on sale! 🙂  Wishing you all the happiest weekend!

Hello, Friday!!!  Tomorrow marks five whole years of marriage with the love of my life, we are so excited to celebrate all day long!  The grandparents will be taking care of our girls, no huge plans, just a day of relaxing kid-free on the beach and then dinner for two.

Speaking of the beach, we have been trying to make our way there at least once a week to burn off some energy and enjoy some sunshine.  Going to the beach with kids (especially when you are on your own & outnumbered), is hardly relaxing but it’s definitely one of our favorite activities in the summer.  Little sissy already loves it just as much as we do, if only we could get her to not eat her weight in sand – we would be golden. 😉

Avalon is wearing the sweetest dress ever from She’s So Precious, I absolutely adore it!  White is my favorite color to wear hands-down, for both me & the girls, even though it’s super risky for all of us, since it always ends up dirty.  Well worth the cuteness, though!  The dress has the most beautiful embroidery and the tie on the back is just precious!  I love how classic it is, I can see this being passed down to my grandkids one day (whaaaaat?!!), I will definitely keep this one forever.

A special shout-out to my mother-in-law who handmade Avalon’s bonnet (in fifteen minutes!), another piece I will cherish forever and ever, without a doubt!
And before I sign off for the weekend, if you follow us on IG, you may have seen the circus that is a beach day for me with two kids.  We got this beach cart at the end of last summer and though it took forever & a day to load it, it was amazing and we definitely won’t do a beach day without it ever again.  The wheels go perfectly on the sand, and obviously, you can fit a lot on it.  I’m happy to report that I got all three of us and the cart down to the beach and back, though I’m sure the site wasn’t too pretty at all.
Beach CartFloatGirls Suits Beach Bag
Wishing you all the most glorious weekend!