I thought it would be fun to do an update on the girls relationship, not only because it is such a big part of our daily life, but also, I hope this will be something that they will love to look back on one day.  Avalon will be a year & a half at the beginning of December, and Waverly will be halfway to five the following month, so they are almost three years apart, for reference!  I absolutely love their age difference.  They are far enough that we never had two in diapers and I also really felt like I got to experience all of Waverly’s “baby years” before she had to share her time with someone else, but close enough that they will grow up together and that a lot of their interests are the same, which is absolutely the case now more than ever!

From the minute Waverly came to the hospital to meet Avalon, she was obsessed with her (with the biggest capital O) and I would 100% say that eighteen months later, that hasn’t changed one little bit.  We often say that she loves her too much, Waverly is a lover in general and just loves HARD, so I guess it should be no surprise that her little sister gets that more than anyone.  That obviously can be challenging, I would be lying if I said that hearing myself say “please be gentle with your sister” every other sentence isn’t absolutely exhausting.  I know some parents might have kids that just sit quietly and play with each other, even at this young of an age, and that’s definitely not the case for us.  But I always remind myself that I would take that instead of any jealousy ten times over, and that just like every other part of parenting, this is a season.  Something tells me that one day the tables will turn and little sister will be begging for all of big sister’s attention, while Waverly won’t give her the time of day.  Or maybe they will just be BFF’s forever? 😉  I hope so.

Avalon is still very much at the age where Waverly gives her ALL the feelings.  One minute she is upset because she didn’t share her book with her, and the next she is laughing hilariously at her, dancing, holding her hand and giving her tons of kisses.  Most of the time, she doesn’t even blink when Waverly pulls her around or takes care of her like she is her little doll, she looks up to her already so much and now is starting to do so many of the things that she does.   I laugh because just like Avalon copies so much of what her big sister does, Waverly repeats so much of what I say to her to her little sister.  “Avalon, you must be a good listener so you can get your favorite bunnies later, ok?!“.  Nothing sweeter.

These days most places we go out of the house the girls hold hands, which I think is a combination of Waverly always being a little nervous in new situations and clinging to Avalon for comfort, and Avalon just not really knowing any different.  It’s my favorite thing ever though, I hope they don’t ever stop!  Waverly always introduces her sister, especially if someone comments on Avalon, and she always makes sure to claim her as her own. 🙂  They both love to get out and explore, and at home love to dress up in costume, dance, read books, and color.  I love how much more they are able to play together now that Avalon has gotten older, and I know that will only get better as they grow. Avalon is always going to Waverly’s room to find her when she isn’t around, and there still has never ever been a day when I haven’t told Waverly that her little sister is up and she hasn’t ran to her room and said “I AM SO EXCITED!!!”.  Sisterhood is truly such a beautiful thing.

Forever thankful for them both.

Happy November!  Three days into the new month and we are finally (attempting) to get out of our sugar shock and recover from the holiday.  Monday was TOO much fun, both girls are at such good ages for trick or treating and loved it, it makes me sad that we have to wait an entire year to get to do it all over again!

I had to work in the morning, which meant I had to miss Waverly’s Halloween party at school, but luckily my mom was able to take my place & sent me lots of videos from her mask parade.  Waverly loves school so much, I was excited that Halloween fell on one of her three days a week so she could celebrate with her best girlfriends.  The night before I got some treats together at the girls little table to make their afternoon extra fun and exciting, so thankful for a schedule that allows me to get off early to still have those moments with them!  My husband also surprised us by coming home early, and the girls loved setting some decor up in the yard with him before it was time for costumes.

We were randomly at TJ Maxx at the end of summer and saw the cutest pig costume, Avalon loved it when we tried it on her and we knew it would be perfect for her second Halloween!  So funny, she is going on seventeen months this week but I bought her a 12 month then because it was big on her at the time, and it was still huge on her two months later.  She is tiny but fierce! 🙂  I gave Waverly a few weeks to decide what farm animal she wanted to be, and promised her she could be a princess the week before.  We went through tons of costume ideas online and loved this chicken one we found, so ultimately she was really excited to wear it, especially when she realized we were going to dress up as well.  My mother-in-law made the entire chicken costume, she has done Waverly’s costume since she was three months old and is so, so amazing at it!!!  She worked so hard and it came out so perfect, here is the tutorial she used, we are forever thankful for her talents.  I always have visions of what I love but am seriously lacking when it comes to creating these sorts of things. 😉

Waverly is obsessed with dogs in general, we have a lab & my parents have three little dogs, so just about a week before Halloween we thought it would be fun to add one of them to dress up as well.  We couldn’t find one big enough for our dog, but my mom found the cutest sheep costume for her dog Miley, and Waverly was SOOOO excited that she got to join in on the fun.

Things I never want to forget from this Halloween.  How Avalon was walking along, with her pig head hanging halfway over her face, trying to be such a big girl grabbing at least four pieces of candy from each bowl.  She has such a sweet tooth, I’m convinced this will forever be her favorite holiday, I just couldn’t say no to her sweet face looking up (with pig ears) saying “peeeeease” to a 100th piece of candy.  How Waverly was so excited to be carrying Miley on the leash, and how she introduced her sister to almost every house, so proud that they had dressed up together.  After trick or treating some, Waverly decided she wanted to hand our candy for a while, and her face LIT UP when one of the kids from her class came to the door.  It was such a magical little night.

Hope your holiday was perfect, I have loved seeing everyone’s pictures & posts this week!

Happiest HALLOWEEN, friends!!!  Stopping in to share a few pictures from our weekend, I almost want to be sad that it’s already over, but instead am considering Halloween on a Monday as a legitimate excuse to still consider it the weekend.  We stayed busy carving pumpkins, baking treats for today, spending some time outside, and we visited a fall festival with food friends to get a head start on some trick or treating! 
I wanted to give Waverly Maye complete free reign on this costume choice for both her & Avalon, because I knew she would have so much fun with it.  She ended up as Ariel and Avalon is … a dancer?  a mariachi band performer?  Not sure, but they were precious and had the best time.  I could watch them walking up to each car holding hands, Waverly introducing her sister and Avalon smiling her cutest innocent face and grabbing 24 lollipops forever.  Cannot wait for round two tonight!!!
Lastly, a few photos of the girls playing outside with some of the thousand pumpkins we have collected this month.  Not sure what we are going to do in the weeks ahead when there is no longer a good excuse to have them around, I’m not sure who loves them more, me or them!
Wishing you the most wonderful day today with your loved ones!

Happy Friday!!!!  Can we all just agree that holiday weeks are the best?  We have been fitting all of our last-minute Halloween fun in the past few days & the girls are loving every minute.  I will be the first to admit that this holiday has not always been my favorite, but since having kids, there is just something SO magical about it.

Girls Leotards

This week we had Waverly’s holiday party at dance class.  Since the end of summer she has been asking to be a princess for Halloween, and since that didn’t quite go with my plan for our family costume this year, I made a deal with her that we would pick a “perfect princess dress” for her to wear the week before and then she would go along with us for the actual holiday.  We went and picked one a couple weeks ago, it’s been hanging in her room ready, and then with one hour to spare before dance, she decided she didn’t like it.  I could write an entire post about the wardrobe problems we have lately, the struggle is real.  So a cat costume it was, paired with Avalon as a ghost, which was Waverly’s when she was one! 🙂  We have a couple more costume parties this weekend so I’m hoping she gets some wear out of it then, and of course, can’t wait to share our family costume next week!!

I also have some pictures from our trip to the farm a couple weeks back, I say it all the time, but our dream is to move to a farm one day (and shop online), so activities like these are my very favorite.  Funny enough, both girls preferred shucking corn above anything else there, so I think one day they will fit in somewhere like this just fine.

Girls Boots
Wishing you all the happiest weekend & Halloween!

Less than one week until Halloween and the end of the month, can you even believe it?!!  We have been so busy with school and work and soccer and dance and getting some projects done around the house, it literally feels like the weeks are flying by in the blink of an eye.  Thought I would share a little about our month so far, along with a few fall things we want to accomplish before November hits since as we all know, then it will suddenly be all things Christmas (!!!).

It’s been so much fun to have Avalon more involved with everything this year, she calls pumpkins “balls” and loves them, yet not even close to how much she loves all the extra candy we have around the house for the holiday.  Every time I turn the corner she has broken into the pantry and is eating lollipops with the wrappers still on them, hiding in the corner of the room. 😉  Waverly just can’t wait to trick or treat, I am so excited that I have finally talked her into our family costume, as long as I promised that the week before she could be “a princess with Avalon as her handsome prince”.

Both girls were sick last week with hand, foot & mouth disease, which apparently is way less serious than it sounds.  Luckily they had a very mild case and it came and went pretty quickly!  They also both got flu shots the same day (along with Avalon’s 15 month shots), the biggest shout-out to my fellow mamas who are on shot duty while daddy gets to be at work.  I can’t decide what is worse, the one-year old who is happy as can be not knowing what is coming to her, or the four-year old who is old enough to understand and even though you bribed her with ice cream afterwards, is crying before her head hits the table.

Last weekend, I took a trip with my family to Alabama, and left both girls home with my husband!  I was so, so excited for this and also all kinds of sad about it, I think it’s even harder to do things like that when you are a working mom because you feel the guilt more than ever.  They did great though, we face-timed pretty much all weekend and they had the best time with daddy.  We went to an Alabama football game, we have grown up Bama fans and have been on a group text message cheering Alabama on every football Saturday for years now, so it was so amazing & surreal to be able to see it in person.  I came home feeling so rejuvenated as a mom and ready to squeeze them tighter than ever before.  I would love to bring them back to see a game of their own one day!

Some of the girls favorite fall activities so far have been the halloween candy haunted house, smores, of course the pumpkin patches, and a trip to the farm for a hayride!   Hoping to make some caramel apples this week and carve the pumpkins we have picked out, I think Avalon may still be small enough to fit in one! 🙂

Hope your October has been warm, cozy, and wonderful!!!