TGIF, everyone!!  We are so ready for this first weekend of October, mostly because Waverly Maye & I have a date for Sesame Street Live on Sunday!  You guys, I really think she is going to go crazy for this one, I cannot wait to see her little face when she sees all her “friends” in full-size & real life.  As usual though, only time will tell, something this big can really go either way. 😉

We also have a wedding on Saturday, my parents are keeping Waverly overnight again since it’s late & a little bit of a drive.  We will definitely miss her but I’m really looking forward to a date night with the hubs PLUS sleeping in past Waverly’s wake-up time of between 5-6.  Which probably means we will sleep until 8 & will totally feel like new people because of it.  You relate, right?!

Before all the fun begins, I thought I would share a few pictures from last weekend!  We had such a great one, the weather was perfection & we spent pretty much all of our time outside.  I got Waverly this radio flyer when she was just born for Christmas, it has been the best present to grow with her.  She used to sit in it while we rolled her & then learned to walk while pushing it.  Now, she runs with it while collecting random rocks & pinecones, then waving to every single car that drives by.  

Hunter Boots (Dress Last Season)
Have I mentioned how much fun this age is?! 😉  We still totally have our moments, but Waverly’s sassy, silly, energetic little personality is just too much these days.  It doesn’t take much to make her laugh (through her whole entire body), I just couldn’t love her more if I tried.
We also went to my nephew’s birthday party, an art show down at the beach, & rounded out our weekend with dinner with my husband’s side of the family.  So much fun, can’t wait to do it all over again over the next couple of days! 🙂

Happy Friday, enjoy it!

This Friday is a good one, I’m so excited to relax after a week back at work & to do it with one extra day thrown in!  Also, today we celebrate my 31st birthday. 🙂  It’s not nearly as exciting of a celebration that Waverly’s was a few weeks ago, but alas, we will celebrate.  Because we love to do just that.
Seeing that I already went through the whole milestone birthday last year, this one feels way less special & comes with way less pressure.  I like that.  Honestly, & I know this is cliche, the older I get the less important the “number” becomes.  I remember thinking that thirty(one) sounded really, really old & there are definitely times that I have a complete reality check on my age (like when I am watching reality tv & every single person is at least five years younger than me, most more than that).  Yet most of the time, I love this age I am at, I love how much more life experience I have, & therefore how much less I care about the little things that don’t matter.  And of course, most of all, I love that I get to have Waverly Maye as my birthay present year after year.

Tonight, I will celebrate in true thirty-year old fashion, with dinner at the Mexican restaurant with a few friends & family.  We have a wedding tomorrow so I really hated the idea of leaving Waverly two nights in a row & also, not celebrating with her.  So ultimately, the kid-friendly plan won out & I couldn’t be happier about it. 🙂

Since this weekend also marks Labor Day, we have accepted the fact that it’s now time to say good-bye to summer & hello to fall.  It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling, we really are excited for the months to come but this summer babe is going to have some serious water withdrawal.  We will forever remember this summer as one of our best ever, the one in which (among many other things), Waverly basically learned to swim, count to fifteen, fell in love with her babies, & also, that the sun turned her red hair strawberry-blonde. 😉  It’s crazy how many people have stopped to ask me where she gets her blonde hair from lately, I’m so anxious to see if it goes back red this fall & winter!

We are wishing you all the best holiday weekend, enjoy these last summer moments with those you love! XOXO