Happy Friday, though it definitely doesn’t feel like one!  Like many of you, the crazy weather over the past few days has pretty much shut down our regularly scheduled week.  Although it pretty much only snowed for one night, the bitter cold weather has kept everything icy & all of the neighborhood roads are still pretty dangerous, today is the fourth day we have off of school in a row!  We certainly aren’t complaining, it’s been such a fun change & the perfect cure to the winter blues we had been starting to feel after a long season inside.

We had Monday off for the holiday & knew it was going to snow later that evening, so
Waverly & I got up early to do a little shopping and have breakfast out with my parents before we would be homebound for a while.  Along with the rest of the city. 😉  By the time we got home & Waverly went down for her nap, the flurries started to fall and we were able to catch a few before it got too dark to play.  Waverly loved it, she definitely didn’t remember the snow we got last year & was so amazed by every snowflake.  The cutest.

We ended up getting about four inches overnight, with a giant sheet of ice on top.  The ice made it hard to play, or to make snowman or snowballs, not to mention it was a little scary for the toddler & six-month pregnant lady trying to make their way through it.  Yet we did make it out, with Waverly in her 12-month Gap snowsuit from last year, I was so excited to get one more use out of it & even more excited for my husband to pull her around on his bodyboard down the street.  She loved it & would have definitely stayed out there all day long.
It was all fun & games until Waverly asked me to jump on there with her, I’m pretty sure I would have broken the board this year. 😉  I did manage a picture of our littlest baby girl’s first time in the snow!  She was kicking the entire time we were outside, probably from the crazy cold, but I couldn’t help but think about a couple years down the road when we will have two babes to make these memories with.  These really are my favorite kind of days, moments I hope my girls will remember forever.
Wishing you all the happiest (& warmest) of weekends with your sweet families!

Oh, what a week it has been already!!  After already having off Monday because of the holiday, Virginia Beach was hit with a few inches of snow (which is crazy for us!), so today makes our second snow day at home!  It’s almost been like a second Christmas vacation, we are loving all of this extra time together!

Waverly Maye had her first official manicure on Friday afternoon, it was definitely a moment for the memory books!  I was a little nervous if she would stay still long enough, but she did, even long enough for both a manicure, pedicure, & floral designs for each!  She was too funny, so quiet & watching closely the entire time, then at one point she leaned back and said “oh, I need to go to the mall after this.”  My husband & I should probably start fearing for our future now, I may have started her just a little too early. 😉

On Saturday morning, we had my family over for a Valentines brunch!  I’m sure I have mentioned it recently, I was so over the moon excited that the holiday fell on a Saturday this year so that we wouldn’t feel rushed & could celebrate with all the people we love all day long. 
We took Waverly to my in-laws so that we could go out for a kids-free dinner early that evening, which was a win-win for everyone.  Waverly got to have dinner with her cousins & we got to have some rare alone time at a restaurant.  I can’t say enough about this hubby of mine, I can’t believe this year was our SIXTEENTH Valentines Day together.  We are officially now in over half of our lives (we started dating when I was fifteen & he was sixteen), & it really couldn’t make me happier!

 Our other big news of the weekend was that Waverly slept in her big girl bed the entire time, both at night & for naps!  We really are shocked, I can’t even explain how nervous I was about the transition or how much we had been putting it off.  In fact, I’m thinking if we didn’t have another baby on the way who is obviously in need of a crib, Waverly might just have stayed in the same place until elementary school.  I am excited to share details & pictures of her big girl bed soon, I know how much I relied on advice from other moms who had been through the transition before so I am happy to repay the favor! 🙂

Last week I posted about our Valentines Exchange here, I wanted to be sure to include the other blogs who have since posted about the exchange; The Adventure Starts Here, Chasin’ Mason, All of Life’s Little Adventures, Willow Way, Running From the Law, Chateau Deveau, A Tale of Four Maples.  Thank you all, we had so much fun with this!

PS – Waverly’s heart bows she rocked all weekend are compliments of Melissa at The Prettiest Bow & we are so in love with them!  She has the cutest stuff, be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

Oh, what a week it has been, full of both the sweetest moments & others that put me in slight state of panic!  It all started when my husband called me Tuesday morning at work to let me know that the strap off  Waverly’s purse had broke.  I’ve mentioned before that she is obsessed with purses lately, she has one favorite & I’m convinced her addiction to it gets worse by the day.  She hoards things in there but doesn’t let us look in it, she freaks out if we even get close (two-nager). We do know that it has some sort of mix of granola bars & chapstick though, since we snuck a glance one time when she wasn’t looking.

So I was worried all day about her, which I should have been, since when I picked her up the tears immediately started rolling (like bucket tears) over her broken purse.  I seriously haven’t seen her cry like that or for so long since our newborn days, I felt so bad for her while at the same time, couldn’t help but almost laugh over the fact that our first huge meltdown in months was over an accessory.  She is my child, I should have known this was coming. 😉  Good news, we finally calmed her down, though it was touch & go for a while, & she currently has my mom’s old purse as a replacement until my mother-in-law sews the strap back on her ($2) favorite purse.

Also in happy news, we got some extra time together this week since I had off work Monday!  We went to the best breakfast place, had a date to Target, & I got lots more organizing done in the nursery!  I wish every Monday could be exactly like that, two days for a weekend is just never enough.

I am proud to announce that we have a new addition to the family, a beta fish named Norman!  My brother took Waverly for a lunch date last weekend so we could get some work done around the house, a couple hours later they showed back up with a fish, food, & a fish bowl.  I was so appreciative.  Waverly was thrilled, she adores her uncle anyways, then the fact that he bought her a living animal pretty much sealed the deal that he is her favorite for life. 😉  We are currently working on teaching Waverly that we don’t “mix Norman” like we do cake batter, she really wants to take our big kitchen spoons & give him an extra spin.

No family photos of Norman yet, just Waverly & her first pet (& bestie), Bogger.

Sweater (Zara, Last Season) & Boots
Finally, I have a couple favorites from this week, two from two of my favorite bloggers!  I ordered this headwrap after reading about it on Erin’s blog, we have a couple headwraps but I love the chambay on this one, it’s so versatile!  A food favorite, these no-bake energy bites from Megan, she had me at “no-bake”. 😉  I have the weirdest appetite lately, pregnancy related for sure, so this seems easy enough to bring with me when I am starving & nothing looks appetizing, plus I know Waverly will like them, too.

Happy weekend, friends!

I thought I would document our first weekend in 2015, I think I am still in denial that it’s back to reality around here so I am holding on to that two-week break for as long as I can. 😉
As part of our fresh start to the new year, the one in which we give ourselves some grace, my husband decided to take a day of his own on Saturday before my spa day on Sunday.  While I crave family time, especially on the weekends, I thought it would be good for all of us.  So he went hunting, probably trying to get as much manly time in as possible before it’s three girls in the house, while Waverly & I had a day all of our own.
We had a mall date in the morning, then went to the grocery store for some soup I was going to make for dinner.  Waverly is so talkative these days & always cracking us up, I have so many favorite comments from her but this one goes down as one of my favorites.  The sweetest older man was bagging up our groceries, he had a long white beard & glasses, she looked up at him & immediately yelled, “Mommy, it’s SANTA!!”.  I could have died, a little because I was nervous about how he (or the rest of the store) would react, but everyone just laughed.  Mostly, I was so proud of her for actually liking him after all their less than happy encounters over the holiday season. 😉

We also spent some time jumping on Waverly’s new trampoline!!  My parents got her it (similar here) for Christmas, she is obsessed & I know it is going to get lots of love in our future.  She begs me to go out there even when it is freezing, I can’t wait until the spring when we can really spend some time on it!

Sunday was my spa day, I had really gotten used to the idea of it, so it was a total letdown when I walked in & found out they had to reschedule because of sicknesses.  All is well that ends well, I have an appointment for next Sunday & Plan B was a trip to the zoo with Waverly & the hubs!  We had some random warm weather, it was absolutely perfect.

Hunter Boots

I’m not going to lie, heading back to work Monday morning was a little more than painful.  A few tears were shed rocking Waverly to sleep Sunday night, they probably had something to do with these pregnancy hormones, but I really hate leaving her after so much fun together.  Yet as always, it’s way easier after you actually do it, & I am already looking forward to next weekend!
Hope you all had a great start to the week! XO

In honor of Christmas week, I am super excited to finally share some favorites from our 2014 holiday photos!!  We had these pictures done taken back in October, which now feels like forever ago, we (I) have grown so much since then & we have officially found out who the newest member to our family will be!! 🙂  Looking at them makes me so incredibly happy, they capture Waverly Maye’s vibrant personality so well & even though our littlest lady is still in my belly, I love that they are our first family photos as a family of four.
All of these images were captured by the amazing & talented Brooke Tucker, who I really can’t say enough about!!  This was the first time we worked with her, the minute I met her I knew she was the perfect fit for us & as someone who truly appreciates good photography, that made me so happy.  She is a mom (of a two-year old!) herself and it showed, she was so patient & great with Waverly, who fell in love with her just like we did.  We can’t thank you enough Brooke, we have already filled our walls with these & can’t wait to work with you more in the future! 🙂
It was so hard narrowing down the many pictures she sent over for this post, & even harder to pick just one for the cover of our Christmas card.  I chose to use Tiny Prints again, we adore the quality of their cards & their amazing customer service, they never disappoint!!
On a final note, before I sign off for Christmas Eve & Day, I want to wish you all the HAPPIEST of holidays with your loved ones.  You all constantly inspire me, support me, & make me a better mama, for that I am forever thankful!  Enjoy your time celebrating, you deserve it!  XO
Waverly’s Headband – Sadie Sky Boutique
Waverly’s Dress – Zara, Past Season
My Dress – Free People, Past Season
My Shoes – DSW