Happy Monday friends, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Life lately for us has been so much fun, hectic & busy, but fun!  I thought I would share some highlights of the past week & weekend, I know I have said it before, but I am so grateful to have this space to record all of these special memories.  I hope the girls will love looking back at it one day!  Also, I literally can’t stop taking pictures of these two, I thought it was hard before with just one little lady, now it’s just double the cuteness & I seriously have issues. 😉

Mornings are probably our craziest time right now, it’s when Waverly is extra wild after sleeping for so long & when Avalon is most alert.  I sometimes get really overwhelmed with getting all of us dressed & breakfast made, all while keeping Waverly from smothering Avalon, it’s seriously crazytown for a good hour straight.  Yet it’s always full of some of the most precious moments. The other morning Avalon started crying & Waverly came sprinting to her, yelling “I’m coming for you sweet girl”.  She got there & started rubbing her head, Avalon looked at her with the widest eyes and immediately stopped.  Such sweet sisters!  Of course, the next time Avalon started crying Waverly looked at me & said “turn her off”, but I’ll take what I can get. 😉

Now that it’s almost six weeks since Avalon’s birth, I am able to work out again & OMG, I need it. I’ve been trying to fit in a little exercise whenever I can, all while getting all of us out of the house in the mornings so we can break up our day some.  Lately we have been to the park a few times (Waverly pushes her baby while I push mine), & then our big trip, to the beach.  I pushed Waverly in the stroller while wearing Avalon in the solly, it was a long, hot walk, but I got some cardio in & the girls loved it once we made it.
A win-win for everyone. 🙂

And we made a trip to the farmers market with daddy!  I have really been trying to fit in some fun, different summer activities for Waverly, we’ve got the waterpark & beach down but I knew my big girl would love walking around and looking at all the sights at the farmers market.  She had a blast eating her way through all the little shops, I can’t wait to take her back again soon!

And now, it’s another Monday & we have a busy week ahead.  A couple doctor’s appointments, dance class, & planning some details for Waverly’s birthday party in two weeks!  I can’t believe I will have a three year old so soon!  Hope you all have the best week.


Our Fourth was extra special this year since it was our first big holiday as a family of four & Avalon’s first celebration of many, many to come. 🙂  We were so excited to deck her out in some red, white & blue and bring her along for all of the festivities.  Of course, girlfriend slept through most of them, but we forgave her since she looked so damn cute while doing it, plus I know it will be no time before she’s running around with her older sister during this holiday next year.  Crazy.

We started off Saturday morning with blueberry pancakes & took the girls to the neighborhood parade, which Waverly loved so much!  This was the second year we took her (plus the second time I forgot to decorate the wagon, third time’s a charm?!), the kids all ride around the streets & then meet back to eat treats after.  It’s so much fun & exactly the type of thing I know our little ones will look back on with the best memories.  Afterwards, we spent the afternoon at the pool, Waverly swam her little heart out while Avalon slept & we all grilled out.  We all loved life, such a perfect way to spend a summer day!

Waverly’s Swimsuit & Avalon’s Top
And then, the fireworks.  We had been going back & forth about whether we would even attempt them, mainly because Waverly hated them last year and we ended up being the only people in the city driving away from the beach as they were going off.  We had been telling her about them (& showing her videos online) for a couple weeks, one day she loved them and couldn’t wait to go, the next she hated them and would cry if we even mentioned it.  Toddlers. 😉  We went to my parents for dinner, they live really close to the beach so we figured we could just walk both girls down there if Waverly seemed into it, which long story short, she didn’t, so we left to drive home.  

Both girls were crying (screaming) the entire drive, Waverly because she was tired (too much partying) & still thinking about fireworks, Avalon because she hates the car seat (like really, really hates it).  My milk was leaking from Avalon crying, plus I had spit-up all over me, because, I have a newborn. 😉  The fireworks started going off during our circus of a car drive & we couldn’t help but laugh, happy freaking fourth of july. 😉
This is definitely life now, good thing we wouldn’t change it for anything.
Girls Outfits, Gap (Sold-Out) & Headbands

For the record, the first thing Waverly said when she woke up Sunday morning was “I loved the fireworks, they were awesome, can we go again tonight?.”  Nope.

Hope you all are having the best week!

Aaah, the Fourth, one of my very favorite holidays of the year!!  I am super excited to celebrate with both my girls this weekend, I remember several moments during my first trimester this past fall where this was the light at the end of my pregnant tunnel. 😉  I’m sure Avalon will sleep through most of our festivities, while we all argue over who gets to snuggle her, & our big girl will stay busy eating her way through every sweet treat she can manage to get her hands on.
Seriously, girlfriend is all about some sugar these days, as if she needs it.  Sometimes I wish she could just let me borrow half of her energy, or maybe I should just see if she could take over the nighttime feedings for a few days?!!

We have really started to fall into a routine the last week or so, which is nothing short of a miracle since if I remember right, we didn’t do that with Waverly until she was at least four months.  I really try to get us out in the morning for some sort of activity, whether it’s to the park, the pool, or just the grocery store.  It makes everyone way happier, Waverly needs some sort of action & honestly, to see someone else’s face besides mine (I can’t say I blame her).  So even though it can be a little bit of a circus to get us all out the door, it’s way worth it for all our sanity by the time late afternoon rolls around.

Monday, Waverly & I took Avalon for her first trip to the beach! 🙂  We went way early before it got too hot & took an umbrella so I could keep Avalon under it the entire time.  I can’t believe I managed to carry both girls & all of our stuff down there (I might need a few days to recover before we return), but am so glad we did it.  I’ve decided that my motto as a mom of two is to embrace the chaos, the days might be a little crazy but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Avalon’s Bloomers & Headband

Happy halfway through the week friends, we’ve almost made it! 🙂

I’m sure it has something to do with having a newborn at home, but Waverly has been acting like such a big girl lately that honestly, I feel like she has been three for a while now.  She knows that her birthday is July 26th & tells anyone we meet, and always quickly follows with “I am turning five”.  Slow down sister.  Also, almost all of her imaginary friends (Gamma, Gold, Greenie & Keely) have the same birthday, we practice singing happy birthday to them on the daily. 😉

I started planning her party a while back (you can see the post here, our color pallete is mint & pink), mainly because I knew this would be a crazy time for us so I wanted to get anything done early that I could.  It seemed like a great idea at the time, yet since, Waverly has officially decided that her favorite color “in the whole wide world” is purple.  She is seriously obsessed with it & tells me often that all she wants for her birthday is a purple cake & purple balloons.  And that will teach me to be a procrastinator, I’m hoping she will mistake all the mint I already bought for purple?!

Plan B is to roll with our original party the day before her birthday & then do a purple cake on her actual day.  And next year, if she still loves purple (which I feel like she will), an all-purple party she will get! 🙂  In the meantime, I’m excited to share the invites for Waverly’s third birthday party, an ice-cream theme with all sweets at our house.  We worked with Minted on these invites & are so happy with them, the quality is on point & this theme went perfectly with the vision I had for her party.

Invite Design

I feel like Waverly’s birthday is coming at a perfect time after so many changes lately.  We have had our moments, but honestly, she has adjusted to having to share the spotlight with her little sister way better than I ever would have expected & I can’t wait to celebrate her, she definitely deserves it!  As for gifts, we try to keep it small, but I got this make-up set for her & am planning on a new tricycle, I think she will love both! 🙂  We are also planning a trip to Busch Gardens the week after her birthday, they have a Sesame Street attraction that will most likely be the highlight of her life so far.  Even though everyone in our house knows, what would make her happiest on her day would be a box of band-aids & some of Avalon’s pacifiers.

Top from Target
Wishing you all a very happy week!

Happy Monday, hope you all had a wonderful holiday with the special men in your life!  We survived yet another weekend as parents of two, but definitely more notably, the girls & I made it through our second week at home, just the three of us.  Last week was a little harder than the first, my husband had a job that kept him working overnight two days in a row (which would bother me even if I had no kids, because I’m still 12.)  So while most days I can count down the minutes until I have a couple more hands to help & am no longer outnumbered, 6pm came & went and I found myself giving Waverly a bath while breastfeeding Avalon, trying to figure out how somehow, my first adult beverage in ten months could make its way into that equation (which obviously, it didn’t, I don’t even think I found time to pee).  Kind of a circus.  Yet we all made it, alive, & pretty damn ecstatic when daddy finally walked in the door Friday afternoon. 🙂  
And then the weekend.  It has been crazy hot here, like really hot, so we made plans to take the girls to the pool on both Saturday & Sunday, which really is ideal the situation for us right now.  Plus, it gave me the chance to put them in the swimsuits my mom got them a few months back. Avalon might not be old enough to swim yet (or even close), but I could have died at the sight of her in a newborn suit, matching her big sissy.
SwimsuitsAvalon’s Headband & Waverly’s Bow
And of course, we were so excited to celebrate daddy on Sunday!  Waverly & I had picked him out some new shoes last week and naturally, she told him all about them the next day, so although we had no surprises, we had a great day as a family.  We went out to brunch, just the four of us, & then went to the pool with my side of the family for the rest of the day.  After two days in the sun, Waverly was one happy, exhausted toddler & we finished off the weekend with an early bedtime plus an adults only (plus the sleeping baby) dinner. 🙂
Waverly’s Headband, Avalon’s Headband
The biggest shout-out to this guy, who deserves it all for how hard he works for our family!  He is as manly as they come, but rocks it as a girl dad & I just know that these two little ladies will be daddy’s little girls just like I still am today.  Life has just gotten a whole lot crazier, but there is no one else I would rather raise my babies with & I am so, so thankful for him.  
Hope you all have a wonderful week!