Happiest Friday, friends!!!!  Hope you are as excited as we are for a weekend all about L-O-V-E, since it’s our last before Valentines Day hits on Tuesday!  I’m stopping in today to share some pictures we took a couple weekends back, on a little outing with just the four of us, along with the details on a new watch I teamed up with Jord Wood Watches on for my husband.  It’s completely random that this is my second watch post this week (you can see my new one here!),  but when Jord reached out to send something our way for Joe, I couldn’t resist.  It’s always us girls getting all the fun stuff, so I loved being able to get him something as well.
Both Waverly and Avalon are 150% daddy’s girls right now, and as jealous as I am about it (because I totally am), I can’t help but love it.  There’s just nothing sweeter than seeing your high school boyfriend become a dad, I will never get over the fact that this all started EIGHTEEN years ago in my tenth grade math class.  Oh, how far we have come! 🙂

Jord has so many options for both women & men, and they are all wood which I love so much!  The feel is a bit rustic, which fits our style perfectly, and it’s also very versatile.  Joe does not dress-up much (and is way less into fashion than I am), but this watch is perfect for him, it’s stylish without being too much.

You can shop his watch style here, and of course there are lots of other options as well!  Wishing you & yours the happiest weekend full of pink, red, and heart-shaped everything! XO

The next holiday on the roster is a week away and we are all kinds of excited over here!!  With two little girls, red, pink and all the heart-shaped things are favorites year-round, so it’s always extra fun when we get to have a couple weeks with an excuse to wear them on the regular.  Waverly’s been talking about Valentines Day since the morning after Christmas, this weekend we are having her girlfriends from class over for a little heart day playdate and she can’t stop talking about it.  We’ve also been working on some Valentines, mainly I’ve been working on talking her into also giving the boys in her class valentines, because you know, they are still are “disgusting”.  May you forever feel that way, baby girl.

Sharing some fun Valentines pictures we took last weekend, Waverly would have smiled all day long and Avalon was just in it for the heart-shaped lollipops!  Which she affectionately calls “balls”.
Hope you are having the best week!  Sending lots of love your way!

Happy Monday, hope you had a lovely weekend!  I’m super excited to share some images from a recent shoot we did, along with the details on my new favorite accessory!  We did these photos back in the beginning of January, a couple days after the big snowstorm that hit and gave us an unexpected three days off school.  By day three, we all had some major cabin fever and the weather had finally warmed up, so it was the perfect excuse to get out and meet my girl Shawna for a fun little girls date!!! 🙂

My mom had gotten this tulle skirt for me as a Christmas gift and I loved the idea of wearing it with the girls in their tutus as well, mostly because it’s just the perfect representation of our life these days.  Who knows what our future will hold, but right now we are living the girl world to the max and it’s pretty special.  Waverly can be found in some sort of a tutu (or three) 95% of the time that we are at home, and Avalon wants to do whatever her big sissy does, so she lights up at the chance to wear one of her own.  We watch Frozen on repeat, Anna & Elsa are two of Avalon’s favorite words and Waverly can perform “Let it Go” like a BOSS, gloves, tiara, heels and all, with Avalon closely behind as her back-up dancer.  We have endless tea parties, nail painting sessions, and have acquired more baby dolls than I could ever count.  I am sure that boys are just as special in a different kind of way, but there is just something so unbelievably magical about little girls and I’ve decided that it’s officially a shame that they have to grow up.  I hope our little ladies will always know how loved and adored they are, how special and important they are, and much joy they have brought to our lives.  Really, as hard as I try to make their childhood memorable, it can’t ever come close to what they have done for me.

Girls Skirts
And my watch & cuff combo!!!  I recently teamed up with Daniel Wellington on these two pieces, and to say I am obsessed with them both is the biggest understatement.  They are my daily go-to, I love them paired with jeans for teaching preschool or running errands with the girls just as much as I love them for the rare date night out.  I am not really a big jewelry person, I have been wearing the same gold bar necklace daily since Waverly was born (with Avalon’s name added to it now), so I am pretty sure that these will be the same.  Seriously, they are SO GOOD! 🙂  So now it’s your turn, you can get a set of your own with 15% off using the code BRICKNER.

Happy week ahead, friends!

We celebrated the girls half birthdays over the weekend, Waverly is halfway to FIVE at the end of this week and Avalon turned eighteen months last month.  We’ve been doing half-birthday cakes since Waverly was six months old, this year she wanted to make the cake entirely herself (and was so proud that she even cracked the eggs on her own!) and Avalon wanted nothing to do with that part, she instead only wanted to eat every little bit.  My husband & I sang to them, four years and counting, Waverly gets crazy shy anytime the birthday song is for her, even when it’s just the four of us.  She clutched onto Avalon the whole time, which is such a perfect indicator of their relationship! 😉
 I thought I would share a little update on the girls lately, they are both at really good ages right now and I’m desperately wishing time could stop and I could bottle them up exactly as they currently are.
Four has been a much more manageable age for Waverly than three was, of course we still have our moments, but overall the sass & drama has calmed way down (insert biggest praise hands here).  To know her is to love her, her personality is as big as her heart and once she gets comfortable with you, she will be your best friend forever.  Right now ballet is her favorite day of the week, she loves to dance, changes tutus at least ten times a day, and lines us all up on the couch to do a performance most nights before bed.  She has approximately 634567 Shopkins and is obsessed with every one of them, along with her baby dolls, she can stay entertained in her room by herself for hours if we let her.  The girls in her class at school mean everything to her, second only to Avalon who she has single-handedly nicknamed “Ava”, she really is the best big sister in the world.  Every night she makes sure Avalon has her bunnies and favorite Elmo books, and if she knows the next day is a school day for her, wants to make sure Avalon has a place to go and will be well-taken care of. 😉  She can drive me literally to crazytown and then seconds later I am reminded of how crazy in love I am with her.  Her personality reminds me a lot of mine, funny how that works.
Sweet baby Avalon.  Not really a baby anymore, but still very much feels like one to us!  She’s matured so much in the last couple of months, probably more than any other time in her entire little life, which I think is a combination of it being the age she is and that she copies everything Waverly does.  She is more obsessed with her than ever before, it’s so funny, anytime she gets a snack or sippy cup, she makes sure to get one for Waverly and then runs over saying “siiiiissy” and handing it to her.  It’s hands down, my favorite!  Some of her other current favorite words are “mine”, “faffles”, “more”, and she loves to repeat all of the names of our family.  She can get shy with new people at first, and clutches onto our legs but quickly comes around, and is currently very much a daddy’s girl.  Her favorite show is Sesame Street, she loves to “read”, plays with balls & trucks, climbs on everything, and is the best cuddler around!!!  We just adore her sweet and sensitive little demeanor so much.
A few photos of the girls together from lately, we have officially decided that Waverly looks like me and Avalon looks like my husband, though I always see similarities in the two of them as well!

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday!

I’m finally getting around to posting some of our family photos we had done back in September, and to be honest, I probably only found the time to go through them because of the snowstorm that hit and kept us at home for four days straight!  It was just so hard to narrow them down, I love these images so much and could have easily chosen twenty more favorites.  Brooke is the best about hanging with us for as long as our girls will last and taking a million pictures, mainly of us just being “us” and doing things we normally would.  One of the many reasons I am obsessed with her and will treasure all the moments she has captured of our family over the years forever & ever.

It’s crazy to think about how far we have come since September.  We actually did these the weekend before I started my new job, something that came after a pretty stressful few months, and something we were so excited for but also pretty nervous about.  Turns out, it was the best thing that could have happened to us.  Fast forward four months to now, and we have settled into a routine, the girls are thriving, and not for nothing, the countdown to my three month summer vacay is already on (one of the best perks of my teaching job!).  Everything happens for a reason, my friends.  Forever thankful for this life and these people I get to spend it with.

All images taken by my sweet friend Brooke of Brooke Tucker Photography.  Love her!

Happy, happy weekend friends!