Our Avalon Elle is TWO, we had the absolute best time celebrating her sweet little self pretty much all of last week and I’m pretty sure she might just think that it’s “ber-day” now forever, she reminded me of just that last night.  On her birthday eve, she actually ended up getting sick (high fever and throwing up), which was so sad except that it gave me some last snuggles with her as a one-year old.  She woke up the next morning still not completely back to normal but feeling well enough to celebrate and still with a smile on her face, which is so very true to her.  We did our annual balloon wake-up (with pink balloons!) and gave her the pink tricycle and Elmo books Waverly had helped me pick out for her.  She was so sweet seeing her bike, she sat on it forever while eating a reese’s, pretty much her dream come true.

We are having a joint party for both girls in a few weeks, but I really wanted to do something special for just Avalon the week of her day. We decided on a brunch with chicken & waffles, Avalon is the pickiest eater ever but those are two of the things she loves the most!  I ended up working with a couple companies on a fun balloon and tissue garland, which added just the right amount of sparkle to her day.  Avalon loved having everyone there for her, but definitely followed Waverly’s lead in being super shy when it comes to the birthday song and didn’t really want to get that close to her cake until after everyone left.  She was so shy, super sweet and snuggly the whole day, we just loved being able to celebrate her!

We hope your day was as magical as you make every one of ours, sweet Avalon girl!!  We love to love you so much!

PS – The balloon and tissue garland are from Twigs & Twirls, they were both so easy to put together and made the perfect addition to her day.  We would definitely use them again for another event!  Avalon’s hat and the cake topper are from Hooray Everyday, we have worked with them for years and love their stuff so much!  Happy weekend! XO

Our Avalon girl is TWO!  She is so very excited about her birthday, when we asked her what she wanted, she said “pink”.  Followed with, “not purple, that’s for sissy and it’s Ava’s birthday not sissy’s”.  Every night this week she has sat in her crib singing the entire “happy birthday” song, going through all the members of our family and then the entire cast of Sesame Street, each person got to have their own moment.  So very like her.

 Sweet Avalon Elle, everyone needs one just like her.  She’s just the best, so full of love and thoughtfulness, she won’t let anyone leave the house without “a hug, kiss & a high-five”, which just sums up her personality so well.  She is pretty laid-back most of the time, and definitely has been our “easier” child to discipline, the hardest thing we have had to go through with her is bedtime the last couple of months because she just can’t let us go (all three of us literally stand at her crib promising her we will see her in the morning and covering her back with the blanket!).  She loves all things girly, tutus, bracelets, and getting her hair done just like her big sissy, but also likes trucks and dirt just like her daddy (who she looks exactly like).  She is way more sensitive than Waverly, and is much more timid about things like big rides or places with a lot of people, but also is our little comedian.  She loves to be silly, she notices when she does something funny to make us laugh and will keep doing it forever.

This age is my absolute favorite with her, hearing her little voice say new words all the time and still wanting me to hold her at least a couple times a day.  In some ways I think my relationship with her has been different than Waverly since obviously I have to share my time like I didn’t before, but in other ways I think I have been able to enjoy her more because I am more confident now and know how quickly things change.  I constantly find myself staring at her and watching her every little move, everything about her is just precious and she is such a light in our life.

Today we are celebrating her with a trip to see Elmo and all the Sesame Street characters, her absolute favorite, and then will be having small brunch with family this weekend.  Her big party will be with Waverly in a month, we opted for a joint party for the girls this year.  Because, way easier to plan one party, and also because they truly are so close that we thought it was the only way to go! 🙂

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to our baby girl!  We absolutely adore you and love the little girl you are becoming more every single day! XO

Spring has sprung and there is so much to love out there right now!!!!  I am always first drawn to everything bohemian, light and airy year round, so I think spring might just be my favorite since it lends itself so well to all of that.  Sharing some current fashion finds today, both for mama, babe, and the home!

I pretty much live in jean shorts and shirts all spring & summer, so I’ve been eyeing a few tops to add to my closet!  I love this one, which is majorly on sale and so versatile.  Also so excited about these, I’ve been wearing the short-sleeve version all winter with jeans, so comfy and the best colors!

I just got this dress for Waverly, the perfect colors for spring!  Also my favorite shoes EVER for the girls are back, these clogs from Old Navy!!!!  They are seriously so good, I found them in-store a few weeks back and bought them in enough sizes that the girls can wear them for the next couple of years. 😉

Obsessed with this rug from Land of the Nod for the girls playroom.  It’s pricey, but Waverly’s is from there and it’s easily my favorite rug we have ever had.

I just got another watch from Daniel Wellington, I love it so much!!!!  This will be my third, which might sound crazy, but I literally wear one every single day.  I typically don’t wear too much jewelry other than that, and it’s the perfect piece to wear something without feeling like you are wearing too much.

This maxi is the perfect cover up to wear all summer long, perfect for running after kids at the beach or waterpark!

Kids hunter boots are on sale!!!!!!  I picked these up for the girls so quickly, we love them and wear them constantly and these are such a good price!

We recently got this throw from Little Giraffe, and it is amazing.  So beautiful and the girls love cuddling with it, it’s quickly become our favorite throw at the house!

This book, I am dying to read it!  To be honest, I could not tell you the last book I read start to finish (or even magazine), tis’ the season of life I am in!  But I am determined to make time to read again and this would be the perfect start.

And lastly, our little ladies were so sweet tonight before bed.  Avalon’s been having a really hard time letting go of the day and going to bed, so tonight Waverly decided she would rock her.  Avalon literally laid on her while Waverly sang all the songs I always sing to them, goodness it was sweet.  Not all the moments are like that (and many are far from it), but those are the ones I will choose to hang on to.

Hope you are having the best week, friends!

Kicking off the weekend with some of my favorite things that our girls have been saying lately!!!  The last time I did a post like this (just a few months back), it was just about Waverly, but this time around I had to add Avalon because girlfriend has full-on sentences these days.  It’s so crazy, I swear she went from throwing out a few words here & there one minute to talking like a real little person the next.  Listening to them talk (especially to each other) is one of my favorite things, I just love their little voices so much, there’s truly nothing better!

My husband and I met in high school, and the other day we were driving by the school we went to and I told Waverly that it was the place and daddy & I had met in math class, and she said, “oh, and then you asked him to live with you and put babies in your belly?”

Most nights when we have dinner we go around and ask everyone what their favorite part of the day was.  Waverly loves it (and usually answers right now, eating dinner with my family), and Avalon for the past few months straight has said every single time “the BIG SLIDE”.  Whether we went on one that day or not.  Then the other night Waverly said that her favorite part of the day was playing with her friend Grace at school, and then next for Avalon’s turn she said, “playing with Grace at school”.  Avalon doesn’t go to school and doesn’t play with Grace, but she wanted to be just like big sister.

Waverly was SO excited for Mother’s Day — loves any holiday just like her mama — and had been telling me Happy Mother’s Day for weeks.  Then the morning of, she came into my room and didn’t say anything for a little while, so when I asked her if she wanted to tell me anything she said “Happy almost Father’s Day”.  After I told her it wasn’t Father’s Day, she said, “oh, it must be Avalon’s birthday then”.  Thanks girlfriend.

For as long as I can remember, anytime that Avalon asks for a drink or a snack she always follows it by asking for one for sissy.  Every single time, it’s forever one of my favorite things.  Also are my kids the only ones who have assigned colors to their snack and drink cups?  Avalon has to have “pink” and Waverly has to have “purple”, their current favorite colors, god forbid I get it wrong because the world WILL end. 😉

I shared this on Instagram, but because I want to document it forever … the girls were playing upstairs in Waverly’s room while I was downstairs, all of the sudden I heard Waverly shout out, “Mom, do not come up here.  Something is going on”.  Exactly what every mother wants to hear.  I came up and my jewelry was everywhere (on them & the floor), but I’m going to chalk it up as a win since at least they decided to be honest and let me know.

The girls are starting to gang up on us, and it’s working.  If I put Waverly in a time-out Avalon quickly comes rushing over to her to console her, which usually turns into them laughing and being extra cute and making me forget all about what happened to get her there in the first place.  Avalon will say “sissy’s not nice but now she’s sorry”.  I mean, how do you even argue with that?!  Something tells me that we are totally getting a glimpse into their roles in the future.

And lastly, sorry honey, but I have to share.  My husband was getting into the shower the other morning and I heard Waverly scream “EWWWW!  It’s a —————–“.  Clearly we don’t have a lot of those at our house. #girldadproblems

HAPPIEST weekend, friends!

So I took a blogging break, completely unintentional, but it’s been a crazy (and fun!) couple of weeks our way.  Last week Waverly & I both had spring break, which was so much fun, and I can’t wait to share pictures!!!  But first, Easter.


We went to Asheville over break and didn’t get back until late Thursday night, so I couldn’t wait to fit in all the Easter things with the girls before the official holiday. Saturday night, we set out cookies (and carrots & ranch, per Waverly Maye) and just like Christmas, Waverly insisted that everyone go to bed immediately and without books so that the Easter bunny would come visit our house.  It was so funny, she looked me straight in the eye and said “mom seriously, do not go downstairs at all, you can’t even get ice cream”.   Because she knows I like to eat ice cream at night all by myself in my bed. 😉  All the while, Avalon couldn’t stop talking about how she “high-fived the bunny, but no hug”, when we saw him at a festival that day.  She was so proud.  Once they got up Sunday morning, they couldn’t wait to go downstairs and see if he came, the sight of them walking up to their baskets holding hands was so magical and just the sweetest ever.

Until they started arguing over who got the purple fairy wings and who got the pink.  Note to self, identical Easter baskets from here on out. 🙂

Table (Similar)

We had breakfast at our house and let the girls play outside, and then went to my sister’s for brunch with my family and an egg hunt.  The weather here was so good, way warmer than any other recent Easter holidays, so we loved getting to eat outside and it really feeling like spring!!!

After naps and a couple walks around the neighborhood, we had dinner and lots of dessert with my in-laws, Waverly & Avalon loved being able to play with their cousins and extend their sugar high just a little bit longer!  As I was putting the girls to bed, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that another holiday had come and gone so quickly.  I know the days of our kids finding holidays so magical are numbered, and as exhausting as they sometimes can be, living them again through my kids eyes are one of my favorite parts of being a parent.  I always try my hardest to make each holiday so special and happy for them, but it really will never compare to how special they make it for me.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter and weekend with your family and loved ones!!! XO