Happiest Friday!  This week has flown right by, which I’m sure will sadly be the theme this December.  We’ve been spending our time packing in holiday activities & getting as much gift shopping done as possible, I’m determined to get it all done before the last week so I won’t be the crazy lady in a mad dash through the mall with two kids in tow!  Avalon seems to have finally kicked her cold, and Waverly has had a string of days with no time-outs and just some stellar three-year old behavior.  I’m not sure if it has to do with our new “Santa is watching” go-to statement, I guess only time will tell.  Yet for now, it’s nothing short of amazing.

And jams.  Matching jams.  CHRISTMAS matching jams.  

Apparently by picture number three, Avalon wasn’t quite as happy about the pajamas that I was.

Also, we made our first trip ever to an actual tree farm!  We’ve gone to the tree lot down the street from us with my parents for years, but have never been to one of the places where you actually cut down the tree yourself.  This time we decided to fully embrace it, and even get our first real tree (I’m completely OCD & never wanted to deal with the clean-up before).  It was so much fun, Waverly absolutely loved running free through the lot and making comments about every single tree.  My parents picked out one for their house that my brother cut down and my husband cut down ours.  And since bringing it home, I have to say that the smell of a real tree in the house is infinitely better than the candle I’ve used instead for way too many seasons now.  I’ll (probably) never go back to fake again! 🙂

And yes, that is a giant stick Waverly is running rampant with, it was meant to measure the trees, which she loved.  Us, not quite as much.

Waverly’s Shirt (Similar), Avalon’s Onesie, Waverly’s Shoes
Wishing you all the happiest holiday weekend!

Avalon Elle officially turned FIVE months old last week!  Crazytown.  Time is flying & we are loving every single minute with this sweet little thing, we just adore everything about her.

I remember 5 & 6 months being some of my favorite ages for Waverly, and I can definitely say that we that are moving into that same fun stage with Avalon.  She is just so much more interactive lately, grabbing at our faces, using her voice, giggling here and there, and just getting more into her toys in general.  She has found her feet (and loves them!), and still puts everything in her mouth, all the time.  She loves the jumparoo, the bumbo, and just this past week has been sitting in her high chair (which she is all about since she can be on eye level with us).  She will tolerate laying on the floor for a little bit, and has rolled over from both sides, though only a couple of times.  She is starting to like the car seat a little bit better, most of the time, and still loves being outside and bath time, which are definitely two of her favorite times of day!  She LOVES stuffed animals and will cuddle them with her entire little body, which is hands down one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.  Ever.

So far, miss Avalon is a mama’s girl which totally makes my heart all kinds of full.  We’ve had a couple times when I was at work that she couldn’t be calmed down, but as soon as I got home & grabbed her, she was 100% fine.  She is honestly such a happy baby, she doesn’t cry unless (1) it’s nap time, (2) the car seat, or (3) we leave her in a room by herself for even one milli-second. 😉  She LOVES to be around people & will sit on your hip or in the solly all day long just as content as can be.  Girlfriend goes with the flow like it’s her job, and it’s made the transition to two so much easier than I thought it would be.

We got the go-ahead on rice cereal or oatmeal at her four month appointment but she hated both, which really didn’t surprise me since Waverly did, too.  We are able to try fruits & veggies this week and I am much more optimistic about that, since I think it will help with her sleep some.  She is still exclusively on my breast milk, which is going really well, as long as I am home.  The days I am at work she tends to eat less from the bottle and then sleep less at night.  Her nap schedule could definitely be better (on good days we get an hour in the morning & an hour in the afternoon), yet she is (finally!) in the crib with the halo sleep sack so I consider that progress. 🙂  Nights are hit or miss, we had a string of rough nights about a week ago but we seem to have turned a corner.  She sleeps in the rock-n-play and most of the time wakes up once, sometimes twice.

Things I never want to forget, how smiley she is!  Avalon is seriously smiling all of the time, if you just make eye contact with her she breaks into the biggest smile, it will absolutely melt your heart.  She is little (4th for height & 30th for weight), but so, so strong!  She can put all of her weight on those little legs with us only holding one hand, it’s crazy.  I really don’t think it will be long before she is sitting!  She has this signature little move, she gets so excited and kicks her little legs and moves her arms, she looks like she just might burst from excitement & you can’t help but be happy right along with her.  And maybe the sweetest, she adores Waverly, she follows her with her eyes all of the time & so far, her biggest belly laughs have come from big sister.

I still feel like it’s surreal that she is here, healthy, happy & so perfect.  Happy, happy five months, sweet Avalon Elle!

Happy Tuesday!

Our Avalon baby is four months old.  FOUR!  I can’t believe that last year at this time we were just finding out that she was in my belly & now, here she is, just as perfect as can be.

So this month!  There are so many things to love about this age, mostly watching Avalon learn a little bit more every single day.  It’s so crazy to watch and just so much fun.  She has definitely found her voice over the last couple of weeks, she will squeal & coo forever and it’s the absolute cutest.  We thought she might be the quiet one but as it turns out, she is just as animated as the rest of us, she just lets it out more when big sister isn’t around (maybe so she can actually be heard!).  Speaking of big sister, Avalon loves Waverly more than ever.  She breaks into a smile anytime Waverly walks into the room, especially after a nap or early in the morning, and sometimes we just sit back & watch her little eyes follow her big sister everywhere she goes.  It’s seriously the sweetest, nothing makes me happier than the two of them together.

We put Avalon in the jumparoo for this first time this month, she loves it & will actually stay in it for a good twenty minutes, which is a really big deal for us!  She also still loves the bumbo, but seems to be over the bouncer and gets pretty bored of it within a couple minutes.  I think she will be an early sitter & will be one happy girl when she can, laying down flat has just never been her thing.  By far, her favorite place to be is held, she is definitely our snuggler and prefers touch over anything else.  She also found her hands a few weeks ago & hasn’t turned back since.  This is all new territory for us, Waverly never really cared about sucking her fingers or even putting toys to her mouth, but if Avalon is awake, there is something near those little lips.  And she is drooling.  Like crazy!  Like five outfits a day because everything is soaking wet crazy. 

Sleep has been all over the place lately, we aren’t sure if it’s the four month sleep regression (my husband does not believe in those regressions, but I am always googling them!  Tell me someone else is going through this and there is a reason, haha!), or just a random phase.  Either way, it’s definitely been challenging.  Naps over an hour are pretty much non-existent, some days the only real sleep she sees is the time in her car seat on the way to & from an errand.  She LOVES to be on the boob and would sit and comfort nurse all day if I let her, so I think she is chalking that up to her nap time. 🙂  That’s obviously not realistic so we are really trying to work through it, the good news is that even without sleep, she is such a happy baby.  She smiles all day long, to anyone really, and is just the absolute sweetest little thing.

Avalon’s four month appointment is next week, so I don’t know her height or weight right now, yet my guess is she is still small!  We are still primarily in 0-3 month clothes, and even a lot of those are big on her.  When we are out, almost everyone comments on how small she is, but we love that about her because she can stay our little baby for longer (and her clothes can last longer, too!).  She still looks so much like Waverly did, it’s really so amazing to look back on pictures.  I will have to share a comparison post soon!

Avalon Elle, we just adore everything about you and are so thankful that you are ours.  Keep on being you, we just can’t get enough!

Hoping you are having a wonderful week!

I will never forget, I was about 8 & a half months pregnant on one of the first warm days early last spring when we were at the park and I was pushing Waverly in the swing.  The guy next to me asked when I was due, he told me that his daughter (their second child) was almost a year old.  I asked him how having two was & he just looked at me, with the widest eyes ever, and said “game-changer”.  About fifteen minutes later, Waverly was going down the slide and a mom walked up pushing a double stroller, she asked me the same thing.  Her girls ended up being just about the same age difference that Waverly & Avalon are. She told me that the transition from one to two was the biggest shock of their lives, but not to worry, their youngest was about eight months and they were finally able to live life close to normal again.  Thanks.  I remember walking home with my huge belly, scared out of my mind, I pulled out my phone to text my husband to let him know that we were screwed.
Fast forward about five months to now, we are the parents to two healthy, happy girls, and I have to say, it’s been way better than expected.  Maybe it’s because I prepared myself for the absolute worst, or because the adjustment to being parents for the first time was such a shock in itself that this just doesn’t compare.  Either way, while we definitely we our moments & life is certainly not seamless, we are pleasantly surprised.  I’ve mentioned some of this before but thought it deserved a post all of it’s own, I hope it can be helpful to someone and if nothing else, I know I will love to back on it one day (probably laughing that I thought this was the crazy season of our lives!).
So the hard parts.  For us, the pure logistics of going from one to two has probably been the biggest adjustment, especially lately as Avalon is getting older and not sleeping all day long.  I have really been trying to get her napping at home, in her crib rather than in a car seat on & off, on the go, and that means attempting to get both girls napping at least close to the same time so if we have to go out (which seems to be the best for sanity!), we can do it when they are both awake.  The other day I had one goal, to go to Target (maybe I always have that goal?), and it literally took all day long to get us out the door.  By the time we were up, fed and dressed, Avalon was ready for her first nap, then after she was up & fed, Waverly was tired, and naturally, Avalon went down again right about the same time that Waverly got up.  We finally made it to Target at five PM (but we made it!).

Other challenges have been a lot of the obvious, double you know, everything.  And it always seems to be the case that as soon as I sit down down to feed Avalon, Waverly is screaming that she is sitting on the potty, just pooped, and desperately needs help.  There are so many moments that I wish for more than two arms, or maybe even better, that it was socially acceptable to drink a couple glasses of wine at 12:30 on a Tuesday (though that really wouldn’t matter, since I am breastfeeding & couldn’t really do that anyways!). 😉

Yet the good.  SO much good.  We really are much more confident as parents now, there is no doubt about it, & I’m sure that’s a lot of where Avalon’s laid-back demeanor comes from.  We have been fortunate that she is a good sleeper and just a good baby in general, but even when she does cry or have a night where she gets up more than usual, it just doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as last time.  We know that she won’t hate the car seat forever, that the breast pump won’t always have to be with me at all times, and that at one point,  we will be able to sleep through the entire night again.  We know that these challenges are short-lived, that they will be replaced with others, but most importantly, that every single one is worth it.  I know other moms can relate, since the time I first started showing in my first pregnancy & almost every time I go out with both girls now, the first thing I hear (almost every day!), is how fast this time goes.  You really don’t realize it until your go through it yourself, but that really is the case.  This time, it’s so much easier to just let go of the little things that we know will work themselves out, what really matters is soaking in these precious moments with our girls, I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have TWO of them! 🙂  Double the hugs, kisses, and of course, double the love.  There is truly nothing better.

And what is a post without pictures?!  The first one makes me laugh so much, it shows the girls personalities perfectly, Waverly the threenager watching videos & talking to her “guys” on the phone, and Avalon just sitting in her bumbo smiling at the world, just so happy to be along for the ride.

I would love to hear your own thoughts or experiences, or of course, if you have more than two & are laughing at me for thinking that we have it busy our way. 😉

And happy, happy Thursday! Hope you are having a wonderful week!  XO

Our Avalon Elle turned three months over the holiday weekend, she is officially an entire thirteen weeks old now.  Happy three months to our littlest lady baby!

I feel like Avalon has really matured this month, it has been so much fun to watch her little personality develop more & more!  Overall, she is still pretty laid-back and just has the sweetest, calmest demeanor.  She loves to snuggle more than anything and is almost always happy, her smiles are absolutely contagious and you can’t help but smile right along with her.  We laugh because although Waverly was a happy baby too, they just seem so different, it definitely seems like Avalon may be the more chill babe of the two.  There is really no better word to describe her than sweet, I could just eat her up! 🙂
New milestones are that she can grab onto things now, she is more interested in what is going on around her just in general, she can last longer on a playmat and likes to look at toys that we hold in front of her.  She is so close to rolling over, it should happen any day, & as crazy as this sounds, I think sitting up may not be that far behind.  For as little as she is, she is incredibly strong and any time we lay her down she immediately starts pulling her head up to sit on her own.  Maybe it’s true what they say, second children do things faster!
Sleep is going pretty well, we finally figured naps out after we realized that she was getting overtired and that we weren’t putting her down soon enough.  She typically has between an hour to an hour & a half of awake time until she is o for over it.  As for eating, she is still a great eater, she has figured the bottle out after a week with me back at work!  It really is such a relief, I was starting to get worried that my mom would have to drive her to my school so I could run out and feed her!  We have had some issues with reflux, our pediatrician prescribed her Zantac & so far, it seems to be working so well.  We are so, so thankful, there is nothing that makes your mama heart break more than when your (normally happy) baby is uncomfortable & there is nothing you can do about it.  Hoping that is behind us!
Avalon’s hair is growing, which is the opposite of Waverly, who was born with a little more hair & then lost it.  It seems to be coming out curly, my husband has curls (ringlets!) when his hair is grown so it will be interesting to see what hers does.  She is still in size one diapers & 0-3 months clothes, most of which are still really big on her, so I definitely think we have some time before the 3-6 get to make their debut!  She is just a tiny little lady, everyone always comments on how small she is when we are out & most often think she is younger than she is.
It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire three months of life with her, yet like always, I can’t remember life before her.  She truly is the most perfect addition to our family & I’m so excited to continue to watch her grow!

Avalon’s month one & month two posts are here and here!