Ohhhh, the summer of Covid-19.  In some ways completely like any summer before it + in others it has been SO very different.  Either way, we are headed into our last two weeks before break is over (and virtual learning starts), so I thought I would share some favorite photos of our girls from the past few months.

I was uploading all of these photos + noticed that my girls have rarely worn real clothes or shoes all all. 😉 This is such an accurate representation of life the last few months, low expectations, no schedules, and lots of time spent together making the most out of all of this.  Mornings at the pool, afternoons at our favorite neighborhood spot, and an occasional short trip to the beach.  Hard moments from soooo much togetherness but also some really beautiful ones, and still trying everyday to find the silver linings between all the chaos.  Honestly a lot like in general with three little kids.

Love this little trio of girls so so much.

We hope you have had a wonderful summer your way!!  Sending all the love as we transition to a fall that looks a whole lot different this year, we can do this! XO

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