Summer Has Arrived …

And the swelling has, too.  I clearly remember (about 3 months ago) claiming that I could not wait for the start of summer.  Thoughts of maxi dresses, tank tops & shorts, and pretty much anything other than the jeans that were making me feel like a sausage were dancing around in my pregnancy brain.
Well … today’s high was recorded at 92 degrees, and I definitely felt it.   Anyone who knows me would agree that I am normally cold-natured, even in the heat of summer in Virginia Beach … but the summer of 2012 is certainly out of the ordinary.  I am now finding myself constantly hot and with a desire to be in the least clothing possible, and a hunch tells me that is has something to do with the little girl growing inside of me (my pregnancy app. tells me that she is almost 6 pounds now … ). 
So although my walk this morning ended with rather swollen fingers and toes, my newfound freedom of summer allowed me to beat the heat with a relaxing afternoon at my grandparent’s pool … followed by a date at the nail salon for a manicure & pedicure on those same swollen extremities. 
Just what I needed for my summer day. :)

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