Summer 2022

And just like that, there is one more day of summer left, our girls officially start school this Tuesday.  I am the first to admit that I was slightly terrified heading into this summer, Delilah is my fourth summer baby + even though I loooove my summer girls, a newborn in the summer heat is not the easiest.  Especially when that newborn has three older sisters who are used to doing all the things, and when you are in the middle of an home addition to make room for that newborn. 😉

I am happy to report that we survived, and even though managing four kids all very different ages had it’s fair share of difficult moments, it was just as full of sweetness.  My four girls together for the first time, a true dream come true.

We are hoping to finish the addition SOON, and are super excited for all the new energy that the fall brings.  Hope you had the best summer! XO

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