Strawberry Picking 2018

Aaaah, strawberry picking, forever one of my favorite activities!  I remember back when Joe & I were first engaged, driving out one day to the farm to pick, just the two of us!  Crazy to think that next year we will bring all three of our girls, who will be six, three, and about nine months.  Cannot believe it!

This time around my mom & brother came with me, strawberry season came right in them middle of the biggest renovations on our house so my husband was of course spending all of his extra time there, getting it ready for us as fast as he could.  Waverly loved it as much as every other year, she always takes it pretty seriously and works really hard to get as many as she can.  Avalon does not like strawberries, or really any foods that are not dessert at the moment, so she really could have cared less about the whole thing until we got bowls of ice cream at the end. 

Today is the last day of school and we are all so, so excited!!!  Bring on the summer adventures, hope yours is off to the best start! XO

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