Spring has Sprung …

All winter long, which has also could be referred to as the entire first trimester and most of the second trimester of my pregnancy … I have been struggling in layers of fabric that seem to be getting tighter by the day.  As a fashion teacher and complete style addict, I certainly believe in the famous mantra “Beauty is pain” – but it has definitely become harder (by the day) to continue to place my emphasis on being chic above comfort.  In fact, as I can recall, the last few times I have squeezed into skinny jeans have been so brutal that I truly felt like a stuffed sausage.
So although I have been warned of the trials and tribulations of a warm weather pregnancy on more than one recent occasion … I have chosen to embrace the higher temperatures with open arms.  It certainly seems easier to get my constantly-growing body into a maxi dress or tank top and shorts rather than layered garments over a tight-fitting pair of pants and boots.  And believe me – I have done the research.  I have spent many minutes/hours poring over pregnancy style websites in an effort to keep up with my fashion sense throughout these nine months.  All signs point to the perks of warm weather with-baby …
And yes, I am aware of the downfalls as well … namely, the swollen feet, constant dehydration, and sudden feelings of a higher temperature at all times.  But for the sake of fashion, I can handle that.

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